Below are links to websites where you can find information about the WM3 case, and message boards where you can discuss the case with others. Everyone is encouraged to read all available information on all WM3 websites (including this very one) and reach their own conclusions.
In addition to the message boards, there are also several Facebook groups devoted to the case.

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"Exonerate the West Memphis Three Support Fund":

truTV Crime Library's Story on the WM3 Case:

West Memphis Three Case for Newbies:

Murders in West Memphis:

Arkansas Take Action:

Official Website of the Award-Winning Author of "Devil's Knot" and "Dark Spell":

WM3 Truth:

The Case of the West Memphis Three:

West Memphis Three Facts:

Terry Hobbs:

Message Boards
"West Memphis Three Discussion Board":

"The West Memphis Three Debate" Board:

"The Blue Beacon" Board:

"West Memphis Homicides" Board:

"West Memphis Three - Guilty!" Board:

"The Real West Memphis Three Forums" Board: