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People Magazine - Innocent Blood (5-24-1993) - Images
People Magazine - Rites of Murder (6-21-1993)

Phoenix New Times - The Lost Boys (11-14-1996)
San Francisco Chronicle - Dark Side of `Paradise'Murder trial film takes grim view of small-town justice (11-15-1996)
Documentary Films Net - Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills
Jonesboro Sun - Witness Claiming Reports Are False: Michael Carson stands by testimony (Dec. 1996)
Metroactive Movies - Justice Murdered: Prejudices swamp a southern town in true-crime documentary (12-5-1996)

1997 - Paradise Lost (2-5-1997)

Log Cabin Democrat - New trial sought for figure in West Memphis murders (5-6-1998)
The Memphis Flyer - Who Wants to Save the West Memphis Three? (7-2-1998)

MTV News Online - Supersuckers Champion Controversial Cause As New Albums Arrive (9-3-1999)

2000 - Revelations: Paradise Lost 2 (2000)
The Boston Phoenix - State of the Art (3-9-2000)
Los Angeles Times - Mystery of 'Revelations': The Truth or Pay-to-Say? (3-13-2000)
The Guardian - Real life horror (6-30-2000)
The - Salem Revisited: Sweet Home, West Memphis (8-10-2000) - The fight to free the West Memphis 3 (8-10-2000)
MTV News Online - Vedder, Supersuckers For West Memphis Three LP (8-28-2000)
Dallas Observer - Rock and a Hard Place (10-5-2000)
The Boston Phoenix - Censorship: Circuit City pulls controversial CD (12-14-2000)

Shabmhala Sun - A Roshi on the Row (Jan. 2001)

2002 - Henry Rollins' Rise Above Album to Benefit West Memphis 3 (7-26-2002)
Pop Matters - Reality Check: A Moment With Henry Rollins (8-14-2002)
Celestial News - Modern Day Witch Trials (11-3-2002)
The Memphis Flyer - Untangling Devil's Knot (11-8-2002)

Metroactive Music - SC Rocks to Free the Three (1-15-2003)
Reason - Hell Hounds: How a musical moral panic destroyed three young men (April 2003)
Pop Matters - Interview with Mara Leveritt (6-10-2003)
WMC-TV - Court agrees to 'final' delay of condemned killer's appeals (6-19-2003)
KAIT - West Memphis Three (7-8-2003)
WMC-TV - Months-long delay yields no new DNA tests in West Memphis murder (7-11-2003)
LA Weekly - The Devils' Advocates (9-5-2003)
Citizine - Jello Biafra Speaks at L.A. Art Benefit Gala (9-6-2003)
USA Today - Winona Ryder lends her celebrity to a legal cause celebre(9-7-2003)
WMC-TV - West Memphis 3 convict pushes for new trial (10-3-2003)
WMC-TV - West Memphis 3 leader loses another appeal (10-30-2003)

Daily Journal - Defense Lawyers Claim Juror Misconduct (10-29-2004)
Daily Journal - The Devil's Advocates (10-29-2004)

PopMatters - To Do With Reality: An Interview with Burk Sauls and Brett Savory (3-10-2005)
The Guardian - Until you are dead (5-27-2005)
The Boston Phoenix - WEST MEMPHIS FREE: Global event for convicted metalheads (7-20-2005)
The Portland Phoenix - The West Memphis Three (7-20-2005)
BBC News - 'Satanic' killers hope to prove innocence (7-28-2005)
DVD Talk - Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills (10-25-2005)
IGN - Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills (11-17-2005)

KAIT - Governor Not Inclined Toward Clemency for 'West Memphis Three' (1-9-2006) - Former MISFITS Frontman To Hit The Road In Support Of WEST MEMPHIS THREE (1-24-2006)
KTHV - Attorney: West Memphis Three Deserve New Trial (4-6-2006) - Celebrities call for release of 'West Memphis Three' (5-13-2006)
SFist - SF Rolls Out the Punk Rock Red Carpet to Host Benefit Auction for the West Memphis Three (5-15-2006)
Las Vegas City Life - Benefit in black (6-1-2006)
KATV Channel 7 - West Memphis 3 Supporters Deliver Letters to Huckabee (7-14-2006)
Atlas Plugged - Saving The West Memphis Three (Aug. 2006)

Arkansasmatters/KARK - Echols' Attorney: "Results... to shed significant light on the case" (2-2-2007)
Arkansasmatters/KARK - Author Speaks Out on New DNA in West Memphis Three Case (2-5-2007)
KAIT - Evidence Revisited In West Memphis 3 Case (2-6-2007)
KAIT - 14 Years After the West Memphis Three (5-11-2007)
WMC-TV - Did the West Memphis Three work alone? (5-17-2007)
KAIT - Attorneys Meet at Crime Lab to Discuss West Memphis 3 Case (5-17-2007)
DNA Evidence Being Examined in Case Against West Memphis Three (5-17-2007)
WMC-TV - Investigators review evidence in West Memphis Three case (5-18-2007)
WMC-TV - Lawyers meets with crime lab over DNA evidence in West Memphis slayings appeal (5-18-2007)
KAIT - Supporters of the West Memphis 3 Join Hands (6-2-2007)
WMC-TV - West Memphis Three supporters rally for new trial (6-7-2007)
WMC-TV - DNA evidence may connect family member to West Memphis 3 crime scene (7-19-2007)
KAIT - New Evidence in Case of 'West Memphis 3' (7-19-2007)
Arkansasmatters/KARK - DNA Status Report Released in West Memphis Three Case (7-19-2007)
WMC-TV - Court documents reveal new details in the cast of the "West Memphis 3" (7-20-2007)
KAIT - Mother of West Memphis 3 Victim Speaks About New DNA Evidence (7-20-2007)
WMC-TV - West Memphis 3: Mom speaks out on new evidence found at crime scene (7-21-2007)
American Chronicle - New Evience In The West Memphis Three Case (7-25-2007)
American Chronicle - Donations Urgently Sought For Echols' Defense Fund (8-9-2007)
American Chronicle - 'West Memphis Three' Could Go Free While Step-Father Hangs By A Hair (8-15-2007)
American Chronicle - Baden, Douglas, Among Top Experts Examining 'West Memphis Three' Case (8-18-2007)
Memphis Flyer - West Memphis Three on TV (9-14-2007)
WMC-TV - New evidence points to new suspects in West Memphis 3 case (10-29-2007)
My Fox Memphis - Attorneys: DNA Evidence May Clear West Memphis Three (10-29-2007)
Today's THV - Lawyer: No DNA Match To West Memphis Three (10-29-2007)
ArkansasMatters/KARK - New DNA Evidence for the West Memphis Three (10-29-2007)
Eyewitness News - West Memphis Three: Defense Attorney Says New Evidence Clears His Client (10-30-2007)
My Fox Memphis - Prosecutors Respond to West Memphis Three Evidence (10-30-2007)
LA Times - Lawyers file DNA motion in Ark. murders (10-30-2007) - Review in West Memphis appeal will take time (10-30-2007)
KATV Channel 7 - Lawyer Claims DNA Tests Exonerate West Memphis Three (10-30-2007)
American Chronicle - Echols' Attorneys File New Motion Claiming Wrongful Conviction In 'West Memphis Three' Case (10-30-2007)
WMC-TV - Father outraged over son's conviction (10-30-2007)
New York Times - Defense Offers New Evidence in a Murder Case That Shocked Arkansas (10-30-2007)
ArkansasOnline - Defense presents new evidence in West Memphis 3 case (10-30-2007)
Eyewitness News - Echols' Lawyers Say New DNA Evidence Could Clear the West Memphis Three (10-31-2007)
My Fox Memphis - Hobbs' Attorney Unconcerned by New West Memphis Three Evidence (10-31-2007)
The Morning News - Official: Review Of West Memphis Appeal Will Take Time (10-31-2007)
WREG-TV - Defense attorneys release new evidence in West Memphis Three case (11-1-2007)
Eyewitness News - Continuing Coverage: Possible New DNA Evidence in West Memphis 3 Case (11-1-2007)
My Fox Memphis - Defense Attorneys Reveal New Evidence in West Memphis 3 Case (11-1-2007)
WREG-TV - Lawyers for Damien Echols lay out new federal case (11-1-2007)
KATV Channel 7 - Attorneys for West Memphis Three Outline New Findings (11-1-2007)
ABC News - Father of Victim to Convicted Killer: 'I'm Here for You' (11-1-2007)
Eyewitness News - Father of Murdered Boy Speaks Out: Says He Feels "West Memphis Three" Are Innocent (11-1-2007)
KAIT - Latest Evidence in West Memphis Three Case (11-1-2007)
WMC-TV - Panel outlines new 'West Memphis 3' evidence at news conference (11-1-2007)
Today's THV - DNA Evidence Could Free West Memphis Three If Brought To A Jury (11-1-2007)
My Fox Memphis - Unidentified Hair Could Free West Memphis Three (11-1-2007)
ArkansasMatters/KARK - Panel Of Experts Discusses Evidence In West Memphis Three Case (11-1-2007)
My Fox Memphis - Is West Memphis Three Evidence Publicity Stunt? (11-1-2007)
KAIT - A Look Back At West Memphis In 1993 After The Brutal Murders of Three Young Boys (11-2-2007)
WREG-TV - Victim's father wants West Memphis 3 set free (11-2-2007)
Times Record - Lawyer: Convicted Murderer Innocent (11-2-2007)
KAIT - West Memphis Three: A closer look at the trials and new evidence (11-2-2007)
Arkansas News Bureau - Defense attorneys discuss new evidence in West Memphis child killings (11-2-2007)
My Fox Memphis - Former Medical Examiner Weighs in on West Memphis Three (11-2-2007)
The Guardian/Observer - DNA could clear 'Satanic' triple murder teenagers (11-4-2007)
CNN - Defense: New evidence may clear 'West Memphis Three' (11-7-2007)
Batesville Daily Guard - Author passionate about ‘innocence’ (11-8-2007)
KAIT - Continuing Coverage: Pam Hobbs- Part 1 (11-8-2007)
KAIT - Continuing Coverage: Pam Hobbs Speaks Out - Part 2 (11-9-2007)
KAIT - Continuing Coverage: Pam Hobbs Speaks Out - Part 3 (11-9-2007)
KAIT - Closer Look: Supporters of the WM3 (11-13-2007)
Log Cabin Democrat - McDaniel updates local attorneys, judges on state cases (11-17-2007)
WMC-TV - Father of West Memphis 3 changes his opinion (11-27-2007)
My Fox Memphis - Judge: State Court Should Hear Appeal in West Memphis Slayings (11-27-2007) - "West Memphis 3" appeal sent back to state courts (11-28-2007)
Eyewitness News - Judge: State Court Should Hear Appeal in West Memphis Slayings (11-28-2007)
KATV Channel 7 - New Campaign to Free "West Memphis Three" (11-29-2007)
KAIT - Support for West Memphis Three grows in Arkansas (11-30-2007)
People - Dixie Chick Natalie Maines Blogs About Latest Cause (12-3-2007)
FOX News - Dixie Chick Urges Donations to Defense Fund for Murderers (12-3-2007) - Dixie Chicks lead singer pens call to action for convicted murderers (12-3-2007)
OIL - Dixie Chick campaigns for 'wrongfully convicted' (12-4-2007)
Today's THV - Damien Echols' Wife Speaks About Campaign To Free Her Husband (12-5-2007)
The Morning News - Attorney General Seeks Permission To File In Oklahoma Case (12-13-2007)
Arkansas News Bureau - McDaniel seeks permission to file in Oklahoma case (12-14-2007))
The Morning News - That West Memphis Case -- Again (12-15-2007)
My Fox Memphis - Supporters to Bring 'West Memphis Three' Case to State Capitol (12-18-2007)
Today's THV - Supporters Bring West Memphis Case Back To Fore (12-18-2007)
Today's THV - Beebe Says No Clemency Planned For West Memphis Three (12-18-2007)
WMC-TV - Supporters rally for three convicted in West Memphis slayings (12-19-2007)
WMC-TV - Supporters gather at rally for three convicted of boys' slayings (12-19-2007)
The Morning News - Rally held for 'West Memphis Three' (12-19-2007)
Today's THV - Dixie Chicks Lead Singer In Town To Rally At State Capitol (12-19-2007)
Arkansas News Bureau - AG says protest won't affect 'West Memphis Three' case (12-19-2007)
News Channel 8 - Celebs Take Up Arkansas Murder Case (12-19-2007)
The Morning News - Echols' Pursuit Of 'Magic' (12-21-2007)
The Morning News - Death Row Wedding (12-22-2007)
Times Online - Satanist case may close death row (12-30-2007)

WMC-TV - Defendant in 1993 West Memphis slayings plans for spring hearing (1-4-2008)
My Fox Memphis - Damien Echols Plans for Spring Hearing (1-4-2008)
The Morning News - No New DNA Evidence In West Memphis Case, McDaniel Says (1-16-2008)
People Magazine - Beyond a Reasonable Doubt? (1-21-2008)
Today's THV - Lawyers: Funding Agreement Reached In West Memphis Slaying Case (1-23-2008)
Today's THV - April Hearing Planned In New Appeal Of 1993 WM Killing Case (2-28-2008)
KAIT - Hearing Set to Look At Results for DNA Testing for West Memphis 3 (3-1-2008)
The Orion Online - Benefit aims to make money to free imprisoned 'West Memphis Three' (3-5-2008)
WMC-TV - Dug up pool the latest focal point in the West Memphis 3 investigation (3-18-2008)
NPR - 'West Memphis Three' Inmate Makes New Appeal (4-11-2008)
My Fox Memphis - Hearing Set for Men Convicted in 1993 WM Slayings (4-14-2008)
Scoop - Breakthrough for the West Memphis Three (4-14-2008)
Scoop - West Memphis Three (Part II): Fearing The Best (4-15-2008)
KATV Channel 7 - Judge in West Memphis Slayings 'Ready to Get it Over With' (4-15-2008)
KUAR - Judge in WM3 case "ready to get it over with" (4-15-2008)
KAIT - West Memphis 3: Hearings Scheduled for September (4-15-2008) - Crime and exoneration - In the DNA (4-17-2008)
CJOnline - Musicians band together for ‘West Memphis 3' (5-29-2008)
The Morning News - Defense: Witnesses Should Have Testified For Convicted Killer (5-31-2008)
WXVT - Ark. court denies defense requests in boys murder case (6-26-2008)
My Fox Memphis - Requests Denied Defense Team for West Memphis Three (6-26-2008)
WMC-TV - Step-father of a West Memphis Three victim writing book (8-9-2008)
American Chronicle - Unprecedented Evidentiary Hearing Set In "West Memphis Three" Case (8-10-2008)
The Associated Press - Lawyers return to court over 1993 Ark. slayings (8-20-2008)
KATV Channel 7 - Lawyers Return to Court Over W. Memphis Slayings (8-20-2008)
The Morning News - Judge: West Memphis Slaying Hearings Likely (8-20-2008)
Texarkana Gazette - Judge says hearings likely to be held on West Memphis slaying (8-21-2008)
KAIT - West Memphis Three Hearings Draw Closer (8-21-2008)
Today's THV - Court: West Memphis Slaying Hearings On Hold (9-5-2008)
WTVM - Judge: No new trial for West Memphis killings (9-11-2008)
KATV Channel 7 - Defense to Appeal in West Memphis Killings Case (9-11-2008)
KATV Channel 7 - Baldwin to Appeal 1993 WM Slayings Conviction (9-24-2008)
KAIT - Jason Baldwin Set To Appear In Jonesboro Court (9-24-2008)
ArkansasMatters - 1:15 p.m.- One of West Memphis 3 Gets Hearing (9-24-2008)
ArkansasMatters - 6:10-WM3 Case Back in Court (9-24-2008)
KATV Channel 7 - Baldwin Takes Stand in Craighead Co. Hearing (9-25-2008)
KAIT - Day Two Wraps With Baldwin Testimony (9-26-2008)
KATV Channel 7 - Damien Echols Speaks (11-17-2008)
KATV Channel 7 - Damien Echols Speaks Part II (11-19-2008)

ArkansasMatters - West Memphis Three Supporters Release New Tip Line (2-28-2009)
My Fox Memphis - Damien Echols Appeals Murder Conviction (3-26-2009)
My Fox Memphis - New Trial Sought for West Memphis Three's Miskelley (4-3-2009)
ArkansasMatters - New Development in WM3 Case (4-13-2009)
ArkansasMatters - Private Investigator Working WM3 Case (4-14-2009)
Las Vegas Film Examiner - DVD review Paradise Lost The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills UPDATE (4-20-2009)
Arkansas News - Protesters walk out of Supreme Court candidate’s announcement (6-9-2009)
WREG - West Memphis 3: New Leads (7-29-2009)
KAIT - West Memphis 3 Rule 37 Hearing Resumes (8-11-2009)
Paragould Daily Press - Jonesboro’s witch trials of 1994 (9-29-2009)
Today's THV - Decision Expected By Thanksgiving In WM3 Hearing (10-2-2009)
New York Times - West Memphis Journal: Torn by 3 Lost Boys and 3 Convicted Youths (10-11-2009)
Today's THV - Convicted Killer, Damien Echols Speaks Out About New Developments (10-13-2009)
Today's THV - Terry Hobbs' Lawyer Responds To New WM3 Findings (10-13-2009)
Today's THV - Today's THV At 6:30: Damien Echols Wife Speaks Out (10-13-2009)
Today's THV - THV Extra: Was Justice Served For The WM3 & The Victims? (11-16-2009)
Today's THV - THV Extra: Part 2, Was Justice Served For WM3 & Victims? (11-17-2009)
Today's THV - THV Extra: Part 3, Was Justice Served For The WM3 & The Victims? (11-19-2009)
CNN - Victims' parents remain divided over West Memphis 3 case (12-28-2009)
Arkansas News - Judging David Burnett’s blunders (12-29-2009)

KAIT - Judge decides no new trial in West Memphis 3 killings (1-20-2010)
Today's THV - Judge says no new trial for Baldwin & Misskelley in WM3 Case (1-20-2010)
Eyewitness News - No New Trial for 2 of West Memphis 3 (1-20-2010)
Paragould Daily Press - What is Burnett thinking? (1-21-2010)
New York Daily News - Johnny Depp to appear on '48 Hours' in defense of convicted killers the West Memphis Three (2-23-2010)
MTV - 'Paradise Lost' Team Plans Two More West Memphis Three Documentaries (2-23-2010)
New York Daily News - '48 Hrs.' offers in-Depp look at murder mystery on show about West Memphis Three (2-25-2010)
WREG - West Memphis 3: Wife Of Damien Echols Speaks Out In Rare Interview (2-25-2010)
Today's THV - West Memphis Three: Actor joins fight for Echols, Baldwin, Misskelley (2-26-2010)
My Fox Memphis - West Memphis Three Stepfather Calls Johnny Depp Out Of Line (2-26-2010)
WREG - West Memphis 3: Father Says West Memphis Three Innocent (2-26-2010)
WREG - West Memphis 3: Police Chief Takes On Celebrity Defenders (3-1-2010)
Contactmusic - Alkaline Trio Join Murder Case Campaign (3-12-2010)
The Times Record - Special Justice Appointed In West Memphis Case (4-29-2010)
Today's THV - West Memphis Three: Oral arguments in Damien Echol's appeal set for Sept. 30 (4-29-2010)
Memphis Magazine - Full Moon Over West Memphis (5-1-2010)
Arkansas News - Benefit concert set for West Memphis Three (8-26-2010)
KATV Channel 7 - West Memphis Three Rally Planned (8-27-2010)
Today's THV - Celebrities show support for WM3 in Little Rock (8-28-2010)
KATV Channel 7 - West Memphis Three Event Considered a Success by Supporters (8-29-2010)
WREG - Depp, Vedder, Dixie Chick Hold Concert For West Memphis 3 (8-29-2010)
Arkansas News - Good music and bad juries (8-31-2010)
Arkansas News - Supreme Court going live on Internet (9-14-2010)
KATV Channel 7 - Supreme Court Begins Streaming Arguments (9-14-2010)
New York Times - Affidavit and DNA Crucial in Appeal of ’93 Conviction (9-28-2010)
CNN - Echols of West Memphis 3 talks about appeal, death row (9-29-2010)
CNN - Reporter's Notebook: My death row interview (9-29-2010)
My Fox Memphis - Arkansas Supreme Court to Hear WM3's Damien Echols Motion for Retrial (9-29-2010)
Arkansas News - State Supreme Court to hear oral arguments in Echols case (9-29-2010)
KATV Channel 7 - Supporters Rally for Echols (9-30-2010)
Today's THV - Damien Echols asks for new trial in West Memphis 3 murder case (9-30-2010)
My Fox Memphis - Leslie Ballin Weighs In on DNA Evidence for WM3 (9-30-2010)
My Fox Memphis - Paradise Lost Film Maker Talks about WM3 (9-30-2010)
CBS - West Memphis Three Update: Damien Echols' Attorney Argues for New Trial in '93 Murders (9-30-2010)
KATV Channel 7 - Echols' Lawyer Asks for New Trial (10-1-2010)
CBS - West Memphis 3: Inside the Damien Echols Appeal (10-1-2010)
The Associated Press - Appeal puts 3 Ark. boys' murders back in spotlight (10-2-2010)
The Associated Press - Court hears appeal in 'West Memphis Three' case (10-3-2010)
Today's THV - Court orders new hearing for WM 3, Attorney Gen. Speaks (11-4-2010)
CNN - West Memphis 3 cases to receive hearing, possible new trial (11-4-2010)
ArkansasMatters - New Hearings Ordered for West Memphis Three (11-4-2010)
Washington Post - New hearing ordered for 3 in Ark. scout deaths (11-4-2010)
WREG - Terry Hobbs reacts to WM3 Supreme Court Order (11-4-2010)
My Fox Memphis - WM3 Get New Hearing, Echols Wife Talks to FOX13 (11-4-2010)
My Fox Memphis - WM3 Private Investigator Explains DNA Evidence (11-4-2010)
CBS - "West Memphis 3": Will New Hearing Lead to Freedom for Convicted Murderers? (11-4-2010)
KATV Channel 7 - AR Supreme Court Grants WM3 a New Hearing (11-5-2010)
My Fox Memphis - Glimmer of Hope for Echols Family in West Memphis 3 Case (11-5-2010)
My Fox Memphis - Damien Echols’s Attorney on New DNA Evidence (11-5-2010)
My Fox Memphis - Pamela Hobbs, Mother of West Memphis Murder Victim, Talks About Recent Supreme Court Ruling (11-5-2010)
My Fox Memphis - Prosecuting the WM3 17 Years Later (11-5-2010)
WREG - Damien Echols' Mother Upbeat About Courts Ruling (11-5-2010)
WMC-TV - Damien Echols' mother excited about possibility of new trial (11-5-2010)
WREG - WM3: Interview with Jessie Misskelley (11-5-2010)
Christian Science Monitor - West Memphis Three: Three men convicted, DNA evidence reopens case (11-16-2010)
KATV Channel 7 - Damien Echols Reacts to AR Supreme Court's Decision (11-18-2010)
KATV Channel 7 - UALR to Host Panel Discussion on WM3 Evidence (11-18-2010)
My Fox Memphis - Damien Echols talks exclusively to FOX13 (11-23-2010)
KATV Channel 7 - Judge Appointed to WM3 Case (11-30-2010)
WXVT - New judge appointed for West Memphis appeals (12-1-2010)
WREG - New Judge Appointed For West Memphis 3 (12-1-2010)
Paragould Daily Press - New judge selected for WM3 hearing (12-2-2010)
My Fox Memphis - Body Language Expert Evaluates Damien Echols FOX13 Interview: Part 1 (12-2-2010)
My Fox Memphis - Body Language Expert Evaluates Damien Echols FOX13 Interview: Part 2 (12-2-2010)

KAIT - Lawyers for WM3, Arkansas meet with new judge (1-4-2011)
KATV Channel 7 - WM3 Attorneys Meet with Judge (1-5-2011)
KATV Channel 7 - WM3 Judge Says ‘Get This Done' (1-12-2011)
CNN - Death row inmate could get second chance (1-13-2011)
My Fox Memphis - Attorneys For West Memphis 3 Seek More DNA Tests (2-18-2011)
KAIT - Public reacts to DNA tests for West Memphis 3 (2-20-2011)
My Fox Memphis - WM3 Victim’s Mother Prepares for New Hearing (3-3-2011)
My Fox Memphis - West Memphis Three Hearing to be Set Soon (3-3-2011)
KATV Channel 7 - West Memphis Three to Have Joint Hearing (3-17-2011)
My Fox Memphis - Hearing Date Set for West Memphis Three (3-22-2011)
My Fox Memphis - 'Devil's Knot' Author on WM3 (3-25-2011)
Arkansas News Bureau - AG won’t fight evidence of juror misconduct in WM3 case (5-17-2011)
My Fox Memphis - West Memphis 3 Closer to New Trial? (6-8-2011)
Today's THV - West Memphis Three case: Attorneys claim new DNA tests exclude WM3 (7-18-2011)
KAIT - Some new DNA evidence excludes West Memphis 3 (7-19-2011)
My Fox Memphis - New DNA Evidence in West Memphis 3 Case (7-19-2011)
My Fox Memphis - New DNA Evidence Does Not Belong to West Memphis 3 (7-26-2011)
Reuters - Fresh DNA evidence boosts defense in 1993 Arkansas slayings (7-27-2011)
Today's THV - Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley, Jason Baldwin have court hearing Friday (8-18-2011)
Arkansas News Bureau - UPDATE Surprise hearing set Friday for West Memphis Three (8-18-2011)
KATV Channel 7 - WM3 walk free after plea bargain (8-18-2012)
CNN - Mystery hearing set for 'West Memphis Three' (8-19-2011)
KATV Channel 7 - WM3 Victims' Parents React to Special Hearing (8-19-2011)
Los Angeles Times - 'West Memphis 3' may be freed after 17 years in prison for murder (8-19-2011)
New York Times - Deal Frees ‘West Memphis Three’ in Arkansas (8-19-2011)
CNN - How can West Memphis 3 walk free? (8-19-2011)
Hollywood Reporter - West Memphis Three Set Free (8-19-2011)
Deadline - West Memphis 3 Freed After Plea Deal, And Toronto-Bound Docu Directors Need Ending Change (8-19-2011)
The Wall Street Journal - West Memphis Three Release Could Give ‘Paradise Lost’ Director a Hollywood Ending (8-19-2011)
KATV Channel 7 - Statement by Damien Echols (8-19-2011)
MSNBC - Convicted child killers freed after plea change (8-19-2011)
CBS - "West Memphis Three": Damien Echols overwhelmed by release (8-19-2011)
WMUR - Emotions High Among Parents Of Slain Ark. Boys (8-19-2011)
Globe and Mail - Court ruling gives TIFF doc a new ending (8-19-2011)
The Week - The 'dramatic' release of the West Memphis Three: An instant guide (8-19-2011)
CBS - Freed West Memphis 3: Like kids at Christmas (8-20-2011)
Hollywood Reporter - Director Atom Egoyan Reveals Details of His Movie About the West Memphis Three (8-20-2011)
Christian Science Monitor - West Memphis Three now must learn how to live as free men (8-20-2011)
New Zealand Herald - Sir Peter hails killers' release (8-21-2011)
KATV Channel 7 - WM3 Defense Attorney: How Deal Happened (8-21-2011)
KATV Channel 7 - Supporters Work to Get WM3 Pardoned (8-21-2011)
International Business Times - Documentary filmmaker opens up about West Memphis Three (8-21-2011)
The Daily Beast - How the West Memphis Three Got Out (8-21-2011)
Dominion Post - Jackson's cause celebre frees convicted killers (8-22-2011)
Contactmusic - Natalie Maines Thrilled About West Memphis Three Release (8-22-2011)
Slash Film - West Memphis Three: Atom Egoyan Plots Feature; Peter Jackson Responds to Freedom; Third Documentary News (8-22-2011)
My Fox Memphis - Can the WM3 Profit From Their Story? (8-22-2011)
Today's THV - WM3 supporters say fight's not over (8-22-2011) - METALLICA Frontman Calls 'West Memphis Three' Release 'Amazing' (8-22-2011)
Los Angeles Times - The 'West Memphis Three' and combating cognitive biases (8-23-2011)
Empire - Atom Egoyan Frames West Memphis Three (8-23-2011)
Paragould Daily Press - Prosecutor: ‘We made right call’ in WM3 case (8-23-2011)
Entertainment Weekly - Peter Jackson still seeking justice for West Memphis Three (8-23-2011)
Fox News - Arkansas Governor Says Pardons Not Likely in 'West Memphis Three' Case (8-23-2011)
Eonline - Peter Jackson Still Gunning for Justice for West Memphis Three (8-23-2011)
Contactmusic - Lord Of The Rings - Jackson & Walsh Committed To Keep Funding Murder Investigation (8-24-2011)
Smithsonian - Paradise Lost’s Joe Berlinger on the Roots of his West Memphis Three Films (8-24-2011)
Area Wide News - West Memphis Three freed (8-24-2012)
The Boston Phoenix - For Memphis Three, a bitter guilty plea (8-25-2011)
News Channel 5 - Prosecutor: Lab To Study 'West Memphis 3' Case DNA (8-26-2011)
Christian Science Monitor - Why Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe won't pardon the West Memphis Three (8-26-2011)
Today's THV - Attorney for Damien Echols speaks to Today's THV (8-27-2011)
The Daily Beast - Freeing the West Memphis Three (8-28-2011)
Pasadena Weekly - Dirty deeds (9-1-2011)
LA Weekly - Henry Rollins Speaks On The Freeing of the West Memphis Three (9-1-2011)
Rolling Stone - How Rockers Helped Free the West Memphis Three (9-1-2011)
KAIT - Father of victim says he will fight release of West Memphis 3 (9-6-2011)
Paragould Daily Press - Stidham recalls West Memphis 3 case (9-10-2011)
The Memphis Flyer - West Memphis 3 Author To Present Lecture (9-12-2011)
New York Times - In Toronto, a Film That Altered Many Lives (9-12-2011)
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