Jack Echols testified on behalf of Echols in mitigation as follows: (TR 3475-3481)

My name is Andy Jack Echols, Sr. (TR 3475) I live in Lakeshore Trailer Park between West Memphis and Marion. I have lived there a little better than a year this time.

I married Pam Hutchinson in September, 1986. At the time we were married she had 2 children, Michael Wayne Hutchinson and Constance Michelle Hutchinson. They lived in the household there with us after we were married. I later adopted both of these children. I went through the Court and had an adoption proceed and was rule their legal father. Damien's name was changed to Echols at that time. (TR 3476)

I was the male figure in the house for Echols during this time. When Pam and I married he was 8 or 9 years old. We separated and divorced in May, 1992. Echols was always a quiet type of child, to himself mostly. He liked to read. He was mostly to himself. I tried what I could to get Echols to love me like I did him. I love him very much. I think we had a good relationship. (TR 3477) We both acknowledged that I wasn't his real dad. I guess we had a good relationship.

When I separated from Pam is was real soon that she and Joe got back together. I continued to have contact with Echols. I have been here for court every day except I was


sick 1 or 2 days. I come here every day because I love my son. I want him to know that I'm here for him.

Echols was in lots of different schools. He was in West Memphis for 1 year and the rest of time he was at Marion School. When he was younger we went to the West Memphis School but I'm not sure where all. (TR 3478)

At this point Defendant Echols' Ex. #14 Echols, Educational Time Line was introduced without objection.

Since Echols has been in jail I have had a change to talk with him once a week. (TR 3479) I have been around his son. I haven't really discussed Echols' relationship with his son. I have carried his son to him when I go visit him. I wanted him to show his son he lived him and vice versa. He has expressed to me the love of his son. The visits were through a glass.

Echols has had a problem coping with society and coping with being a kid. I don't know if it's Echols or if other kids just didn't understand him. He had a lot of problems in school with kids not accepting him and when we lived at Lakeshore I had to carry him back and forth to school because were picking on him, hitting him, fighting him on the bus. We had to go up there several times, kids picking on him, fighting him at school. (TR 3480) Echols is a withdrawal type of child, kept to himself most of the time.