Amanda Lancaster *** ****Rd ***-*****

Heather Clite had told me that Damean had been asking me question's about me, about where I live & my phone number.
Jennifer Harrison had said that she thought Damean had done it cause he new way to much, and he went around Horseshoe the same day the murders had happened, and had dog intestents around his neck.
At the skating rink, he watched me and stuff. He would follow me around, he would like just watch me.
He would really scare me, and someone had told me that I was next, me and Jennifer Ball were next.
I was on the phone with Jennifer Ball when Damean apparently was at her window.

This statement completed at 5:08PM. on the 10th day of June 1993.

WITNESS: Inspector Gitchell
WITNESS: Mahail (?father was present)

Signature of person giving voluntary statement
Amanda Lancaster