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6-24-93 Can't Shake The Shock

4-7-94 The Devil on Trial: Some concluding thoughts on the state's most notorious murder case
6-23-94 Witch on Death Row: Damien Echols contends his only crime was being different

Date unknown Documentary examines Arkansas witch trials
6-7-96 John Grisham, meet Dan Stidham: Fiction pales against a Paragould lawyer's real life trial in a triple child slaying
10-11-96 Fame and Damien: A powerful documentary focuses critical attention on the West Memphis Three

12-26-97 The Strange Demise of Melissa Byers: The mother of one of the three boys murdered in West Memphis died, but investigators have yet to figure out how

3-24-00 Kids, Cops and Confessions: If you're under 18 in Arkansas, you can't buy a beer, a cigarette or a Playboy, but you can waive your constitutional rights
3-31-00 The Silence of the Governor: 'Paradise Lost' stirs dispute
4-21-00 Hear No Evil: Musicians rock for closer look at West Memphis murder case

10-4-02 Devilish Questions: Nine years later, a reporter is still searching for important answers about medical evidence in the notorious West Memphis murders
10-4-02 'Medically Defeated': After a victim's mother dies, the ME admits he's stymied
10-4-02 The Facts of a Dark Fairy Tale: Leveritt illuminates the case of the West Memphis Three

9-12-03 Ryder to the Rescue: Winona headlines celebs at art show for West Memphis Three

1-9-04 The Architect and the Inmate: Public for the first time, the woman who married Damien Echols discusses their relationship
10-7-04 Complete Fabrication: A crucial witness says her testimony in the West Memphis Three case wasn't true, but a product of police pressure to get results in the death of three children
10-7-04 What I Did Was Wrong: The evolution of a critical story
10-7-04 They Messed with My Words: Today, Aaron Hutcheson isn't sure what he saw

7-21-05 WM3 - Murder case draws musicians to cause

3-30-06 A protest of innocence

7-6-07 'Dear Governor Huckabee' - Letters from around the world support convicted killers
7-19-07 New evidence in West Memphis murders: Victim's mother believes defendants innocent
12-27-07 Where the sun doesn’t shine - A Death Row interview with Damien Echols

7-17-08 Court jockeying begins

9-3-09 Above the law

4-8-10 Taking the robes off
4-22-10 Judging Burnett
4-22-10 ‘Not a soul in there’
8-16-10 West Memphis 3 rally now at Robinson
8-27-10 Saturday To-Do: 'Voices for Justice'
8-28-10 Free the WM3
9-2-10 Voices for Justice
9-9-10 New trial may hinge on DNA statute
10-7-10 Original intent
11-4-10 New hearings ordered in W. Memphis 3 case
11-11-10 What next for WM3?

1-4-11 Briefs set for West Memphis Three hearing
1-15-11 Interview with Jason Baldwin
1-18-11 The Observer, Jan. 18
2-2-11 Fight to the death
3-17-11 Hearing set in West Memphis Three case
4-9-11 West Memphis 3 DNA testing OK, McDaniel says
5-17-11 State won't fight jury misconduct evidence in WM3 case
6-3-11 LRFF: Media and the West Memphis Three
6-9-11 Vedder croons for Davis, Echols
7-18-11 New DNA tests exclude West Memphis 3
7-26-11 Another DNA test finds no link to West Memphis 3
8-19-11 FLASH: West Memphis 3 freed in plea bargain
8-19-11 Damien Echols' statement on plea deal
8-19-11 Prosecutor's statement on West Memphis 3 plea deal
8-19-11 Death penalty foes applaud WM3 outcome
8-19-11 Dustin McDaniel puts WM3 call on prosecutor
8-19-11 Byers points finger in killing
8-19-11 Friday night line
8-22-11 Memphis 3 and Mara Leveritt on 'The Early Show'
8-24-11 The 'big ask'
8-31-11 Producer talks 'Devil's Knot' film adaptation
9-4-11 Life after prison for West Memphis Three
11-27-11 Open line and West Memphis 3 comment
12-1-11 Parents of slain child ask denial of Oscar for WM3 film

1-4-12 Mara Leveritt wins Laman Fellowship
2-29-12 Big money reward in WM3 case
8-21-12 UPDATE II: Echols blasts Baldwin in new book
8-22-12 Echols blasts Baldwin
8-29-12 WM3 update
12-5-12 The case for cameras in court
12-13-12 Jason Baldwin, Mara Leveritt talk cameras in court

1-23-13 Jason Baldwin seeks to bring attention to wrongful convictions

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