Andy Taylor
7:00 pm
Hester - Kesterson

Byers have 2 children - Ryan Clark 13 or 14 & Chris. Ryan has not stayed in the home since. Staying with Cindy Hudson.
John Mark - adopted Chris 4 yrs. ago
Found out about the murders on Thursday evening on the news. Called John Mark and asked him what he wanted him to do - asked him to come the next day (Fri) and to bring his suitcase - has been there ever since.
John Mark has a brain tumor. He is a jeweler by trade. Is receiving welfare now. His business is not very good right now. They have been having a hard time financially.
Melissa works @ Fargenstein's - Poplar & Highland.
John Mark told him that on Wed. 5-5-93 he had whipped Chris. Chris had not come home right after school. He was suppose to stay home until John Mark got home with his mother.
Andy stays @ their house on average 3 days a week - sometimes more sometimes less.
Andy states that the boys were classmates - not always together but were together quit {sic} alot. There were hard feelings between John Mark and Todd Moore. John Mark had some pool parties & when his friends would park on his grass he called the police.
- Andy's theory - thinks that the perp is pretty smart - thinks he lives in the area and has gained the boys trust - however - believes he was smart enough to move out of town. Believes he is a w/m - was sexually abused as a child - possibly a military background.


Has been arrested several times - thinks 7 times for DWI - possession of marijuana - Spent 6 months in Parrish County, La for probation violation. Took an amplifier from a guy who owed him money from a drug deal.
States that @ approx. noon he observed a w/m late 30's approx. 6'0" slim build - 170 long dark hair pulled back in a pony tail - thinks he had a mustache wearing a blue jump suit - not dirty - walking 2 well groomed white poodles - walked past Byers house & the Moores house to the school - came back and walked north on N. 14th.
John Mark - Steve's step-father & mother - grandparents, Ryan and a few more started searching the Hills.
States that John Mark went to both sides of the ditch - went behind Blue Beacon in the woods.