James William Thomas Newell III(Billy)
W/F 1-13-76
11 May 93 Lakeshore Drive
6:16 P.M. West Memphis, Ar

7**-**** (Mae Manuec)

I worked at the Carnival from Wednesday until Friday and I had three T-shirts that I had traded a pic and a knife for, to Jason Baldwin, before I worked at the Carnival.
When I got home yesterday I found the pic and knife where Jason had brought it back. I mad the statement to some kids that "I wonder if these were the weapons that were used to kill the boys." Then I said maybe I'd better call up to the police and tell them.
I know Damien and I think he's one of his own along with his sidekick, Jason. I don't belong to any gangs and just recently moved here from Forrest City.

6:25 P.M.

Sgt M.M. Kesterson
Bryn Ridge