I've known Jason since He's lived in lakeshore.
friend I've known Damien since I heard he got back from Oregeon. I've heard Jason say that Damien was in the
crazy house in Oregeon. Damien & Jason were always together
they spent alot of time in West Memphis at Wal-Mart
They stole alot of stuff I always seen just Jason & Damien & Domini together walking around lakeshore
there was a big black Great Dane Dog at lakeshore
that I saw on the trail over the Bridge to the right as you
go over the bridge it was Dead It's intestines was strung out
of his butt A boy named Adam told me he heard Damien did it.
Adam's last name is Phillips he lives in lakeshore A boy named Ken was new out there he stayed at Jason's alot he used to be over there Day & Night he went to school last year he was in 9th he always wore a Notre Dame hat he was skinny
hes had black hair it was short hair in the back it was long in
the front he's A little shorter than me in height
the time we talked he said he knew Karate.
Me & Jason used to be friends until Damien started
running with him When Damien started wearing black Jason did. Jason seemed alright to me.

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