STATEMENT OF: Bruce Sinofsky DATE: 1/24/94 PAGE: 1
ADDRESS: P.O. Box 257 Prince Station, NY, NY 10012
DOB: [omitted]56 M W

Mr. Doug Cooper informed us he had received a knife from Mr. Mark Beyers on December 19, 1993. Upon return to N.Y.C. we decided that since the nature of the alleged murders involved a serrated hunting knife it should be brought to the attention of HBO.* After a long discussion it was determined that we must send the knife back to the West Memphis Police. HBO mandated the return and we complied by Fed Xing the knife to Inspector Gary Gitchell - he received the knife on Jan 8, 1994.

* We had some concerns about the knife - it appeared to have some traces of blood - we didn't know if it was animal or human. This advanced our desire to bring it to the attention of HBO.

I have written this statement consisting of 1 page(s), and I affirm to the truth and accuracy of the facts contained therein.

This statement was completed at 12:45 PM., on the 24 day of January 1994.

WITNESS: s/Inspector Gary Gitchell

s/Bruce J. Sinfosky
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