Q: You're the same Detective Ridge that's previously testified?

A: Yes, sir.

Q: Detective Ridge, in your experience as an investigator, have -- in the past have you attempted to obtain phone calls that -- records of phone calls that were not long distance -- local calls?

A: Yes, sir, I have.

Q: All right. And are you able to get that type of record?

A: No, sir.

FOGLEMAN: I don’t have any further questions.

CROW: No questions, your Honor.

STIDHAM: No questions, your Honor.

THE COURT: All right, you may stand down.


DAVIS: Your Honor, at this time the State would rest.

THE COURT: Have you got anything additional?

STIDHAM: Can I have just a moment, your Honor? Can I approach the bench, your Honor?


STIDHAM: I would prefer we renew our directed verdict motion in chambers right before we do jury instructions.

THE COURT: No, you can do it right here. Do you want to add any additional matter not previously covered?

STIDHAM: Oh, your Honor, I would like to briefly go through it while -- if we can do that in chambers while we’re doing the jury instructions.

THE COURT: Well, just a minute. I’ll just let the jury go because we’re going to have to go over the jury instructions anyway.

DAVIS: (MUMBLE) one thirty.

THE COURT: That's give 'em enough time?

DAVIS: Well, two o'clock's fine with me.

THE COURT: That'd be alright.


THE COURT: All right ladies and gentlemen, both sides have rested their case and the testimony is concluded. I'm getting ready to give you your recess. It's still important, that even though both sides have rested their case that you not attempt to discuss the case among yourselves or with anyone until it's finally submitted to you. I'm going to give you a long lunch break, until 1:30 and the reason for that is the Court will have to hear and rule on some motions. I'll have to go over and discuss the jury instructions with the lawyers. I don't anticipate that to take too long. But I want to give them a little bit of time to collect their thoughts because as soon as I read the jury instructions, then they'll argue their case, so. That's the reason for the two hour lunch break, so. Again, you're reminded of the admonition not to discuss the case or allow anyone to attempt to discuss it with you or in your presence. And you may stand in recess until 1:30.