Stated that the evening that Connie Molden, slapped Cody Stephanie Dollars son at Highland Trailer Park, stated that there was like an arguement going on. Jessie Misskelley was by his self saying something about going to wrestling. I was out there seeing what was going on and Jessie came walking up by himself. He was here a few minutes & he left he didnít stay long it was when the police was here. He came from the north end of the trailer park & walked down, when he left he walked back torward the north end of the trailer park.
Stated Jessie & Jason Baldwin stayed together a lot. Jessie use to live in Lakeshore. Iíve seen Damien a couple of times Itís always been walking from the woods like underneath the interstate over pass near Lakeshore. Seen him by himself.


-has known Jessie all his life.

Stated it was about 30 mins after the arguement that the police/sheriffs showed up Ė 3 different. Mr. Dollihite, 2 Marion police cars.