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1993-2007 (Link to WM3DB)

01-17-08 Money at root of effort to free WM3
01-25-08 Freedom fund squabble grows

01-11-09 Dixie Chicks defend statements
10-02-09 Mother of one of three boys killed in West Memphis speaks for those convicted
12-03-09 Judge dismisses libel lawsuit against Dixie Chicks by stepfather of West Memphis 3 victim

01-20-10 No new trial in West Memphis 3 case
02-23-10 Actor Johnny Depp to support West Memphis Three on television
02-28-10 Celebrities empathizing with West Memphis Three campaign for their release
09-27-10 West Memphis three: New evidence questions if right person behind bars
10-13-10 Jury foreman in West Memphis Three trial of Damien Echols accused of misconduct
10-24-10 Prison subdues Damien Echols' defiance
11-04-10 In bid for new trial, West Memphis Three granted rare hearing by Arkansas Supreme Court
11-07-10 Professional profiler convinced of innocence of West Memphis Three
11-07-10 Editorial: A court date for the West Memphis 3
11-14-10 West Memphis 3 legal battle requires years of expert work, lot of money
11-29-10 Lausanne journalism students study West Memphis Three case

05-03-11 Jury conduct is key to latest appeal in West Memphis 3 defense
05-22-11 No false confessions? Science has found dozens, often wrung from coerced young suspects
07-26-11 New DNA found at murder scene doesn't match West Memphis Three
08-18-11 Judge sets unexpected hearing in Jonesboro for West Memphis 3
08-18-11 Potential deal could lead to release of 'West Memphis Three'
08-19-11 Crowd begins to gather in Jonesboro awaiting hearing on West Memphis Three
08-19-11 'West Memphis Three' walk free; plea deal reduces sentences to time served as trio maintain their innocence
08-19-11 In West Memphis, debate continues over guilt of '3'
08-19-11 West Memphis 3 Notebook: After all these years, Big Jessie says 'I feel great now'
08-21-11 West Memphis 3: Baldwin, Echols celebrate in style; Misskelley keeps it simple
08-22-11 West Memphis Three 'remain murderers' despite being freed, judge in original case says
08-24-11 Pardons for West Memphis Three unlikely, Arkansas governor says
08-27-11 Arkansas crime lab to study 'West Memphis 3' case DNA
08-28-11 Hollywood directed defense, challenged old case against 'West Memphis Three'
09-10-11 Leaving death row not unusual overall but Damien Echols' departure a first in Arkansas
10-16-11 West Memphis 3 case shows shift toward public relations
10-20-11 'Paradise Lost 3' to screen at Indie Memphis Film Festival
11-07-11 West Memphis 3's Jason Baldwin attends Indie Memphis film festival

01-20-12 New sworn statements implicate Terry Hobbs in West Memphis Three case
02-28-12 Reward seeks to flush out murderer in West Memphis 3 case
03-23-12 West Memphis Three's Baldwin to speak at law symposium
06-22-12 Mother of one of West Memphis 3 victims sues police to see evidence in case
08-17-12 In brief: West Memphuis 3 still want help finding 'real killer'
08-20-12 'West Memphis Three' mark one year since being released from prison
08-30-12 New tests on crime scene fibers produce no link to West Memphis 3
09-16-12 'West of Memphis' pitches reopening of murder case
10-07-12 Memoir's missing element: Damien Echols doesn't confront his baffling behavior
10-29-12 Echols' lawyers want access to tips about 1993 West Memphis murders
11-19-12 Letter: Echols was victim of society's failure

02-01-13 Damien Echols will appear at Memphis entrepreneurship conference
02-06-13 FedEx pulls sponsorship of Memphis startup conference where Damien Echols will speak
02-09-13 Letter: Thanks, FedEx, for taking the high road
02-11-13 Damien Echols talks technology at Memphis startup conference
02-14-13 Letter: A raw deal for Echols

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