Know Jason from school but not in classes.
Know Damien from classes 2 years ago in classes with
Knew Jessie, Lived next door to him in trailer Park.

About two years ago while in school with Damien in
Marion I saw him cut his arm with something and he then sucked the blood out of the wound. I had heard
that Damien was weird and part of a satanic cult.
I was told this by other kids but I never knew if
any of it was true. About the Middle of May a
Vickie Hutchison who lived in Highland trailer Park asked
Jessie if he knew Damien Jessie said that he knew him
from school. Vickie asked Jessie to introduce her to
Damien. This all took Place at Vickie's house. Me,
Jessie, Christie Anderson, Vickie, and her son Aaron were
all present during this conversation. I was working at
Shoney's Restaurant during the evening hours from the last
of April for about six months.

Case doc #003851
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