STATEMENT OF: Carrie Morris
***Hokiday Drive
DOB: **-**-** S/R **/W/**

DATE: 9-29-93

On Wednesday, May 5, 1993, I was going toward Barton we, when I saw Michael Moore walking about 3 house's in front of Mr. Echols. Michael Moore was going home to get his bicycle to go trail riding with Steve Branch. This was at about 3:30 or 4p.m. About an hour later Michael, Steve, Chris came and ask my daughter (Tiffany Morris 8 years old) to go ridin with them. I told them no. We left to go to Memphis, when they were chasing my truck. This was about 4:30pm.

Damien & Michael were both walking South on 700 block North Wilson on the East side of the street. I know it was Damien Echols because I saw his picture in paper after he was arrested. I knew it was Michael from school and knowing his parents all my life & known Michael for about 3 years ever since they moved back from Florida.


3:45 P.M., on the 29 day of Sept. 1993

Doc# 003413