dictated by Inspector Gary Gitchell:
Thursday, May 6th 1993. Time is uh, 2:45pm.
Uh, the first body taken from the ditch appears to be that of Michael Moore.
Date of birth: 7/27 of 84.
He's 8 years of age.
Uh, body is nude with wrists and feet tied. It's in a hog typed tying fashion. It appears to be uh, um, shoelaces used for the tying. They are either dark blue or black. From my position, I can not tell.
The child has a uh, abrasion to his left side of his forehead. Also um, blood coming from the nose once he was brought from the water.
Uh, there's been 3 pair of bluejeans taken from the ditch.
Uh, officers in the ditch are Sargeant Allen and Detective Ridge.
Uh, another clothing item found in the ditch. Observable is a uh, cubscout cap. Also, there has been...we have located also 3 pair of tennis shoes at this time. Search is continuing in the bayou.
Present on scene are um, Detective Durham, Detective Anderson, myself, uh, Detective Burch, also Lieutenant Hester, uh, Captain Miller, all present.
Uh, taking polaroid pictures will be Officers uh, Detective Stan Burch -
Officers are making a separate path from the normal path coming in uh, to the crimescene area. This path is being taped off with security tapes, so that will be the only method coming in and out to the crimescene. Uh, the entry to the crimescene will be at the rear of Blue Beacon.
Ok, time is uh, 2:56.
Uh, Detective Ridge has found a second body.
The body is approxiamtely 25 feet south from the first body.
It is also tied in the same uh, way as the first.
The feet are upstream and the head is downstream.
Uh, child has several wounds to the left side of the face.
Ok, we have a third body.
Time is 2:59pm.
Approxiamtely 5 feet south of the second body.
Feet are facing north, head facing south.
Uh, this third body is also bound and tied in similar fashion. The methods he use appears to be uh, their tennis shoe strings.
Uh, blood coming from the ear, left ear of this child.
This child has uh, had his penis removed. There is a uh, large gaping hole there.

dictated by Lieutenant Diane Hester:
Sargeant Allen has recovered a partial, appears to be shoe print. Uh, where do you want me to say you recovered it from? On the west side of the bank, directly out from where body #2 was located. And placed in evidence.
Near the location of body 1, there were 3 pair of jeans located. There was a boyscout yellow and blue cap. Also, 3 tennis shoes were located near body 1. None of the tennis shoes that - the left foot of the black and purple CUGA shoe has a black shoelace still intact. The - the rest of the shoes that were found do not contain shoelaces. It appears that possibly the material used to bind the victims' hands and feet were the shoelaces from the shoes.
Detective Ridge located a Boyscouts of America shirt - in the water? In the water, close proximity to the first - the area of the first body.
One pair of the jeans found were Rustler brand, 7 slim and they're turned inside out.
The Boyscout of America shirt...size 8. No other outstanding anything? Remarkable? One pair of Nintendo Super Mario underwear size 6 also located in close proximity to the first body. One undershirt, black and white with white designs in the shirt, turned inside out as found also located in close proximity to the first body. One size 8 Coast Highway brand striped shirt, people with surfboard designs on - at the bottom of it - shirt, also turned inside out, also located in close proximity to the first body.

dictated by Inspector Gary Gitchell:
Uh, 3:55pm May 6th 1993
Uh, Kent Hale has arrived on the scene uh, with the funeral home. Making arrangements to get the bodies from the scene.
Uh, also present are members of the uh, West Memphis Utility Department with sandbags in order to uh, block a flow of the bayou area so that that may be pumped out so that a more thorough crimescene search can be conducted in where the bodies were found in the water.

dictated by ? :
Ok, first measurement from the - from the large tree on the east side of the bank, there's gonna be 14 feet 7 inches to where the body is found. From the large tree on the west bank, it'll be 10 feet 6 inches. From the tree at the top of the bank, south of that location is gonna be 18 feet 8 inches. Triangulating location of the body.

dictated by Lieutenant Diane Hester:
Body #2 was found 27 feet south of body #1
Body #3 was found approximately 32 feet south of body #1
The width of the stream where body #1 was found is 4 feet 3 inches - 2 inches, 3 inches? 4 feet - correction, 4 feet 2 inches - and what? The width is consistant to where the other - body #2 and body #3 were found also.