Interview with Dennis Carter 6/9/93 2:45 p.m.

States that he has known + been friends with Jesse Misskelley all of his life. The last time he saw Jesse was the day before he was arrested. States that he did not know Damien or Jason -- knew who they were but was not friends with either of them.

Rick De??? told Dennis about some Devil worshipers that met at Stone Hedge. Does not think Rick was ever there -- just heard about it. States that Rick told him that he heard that they would cut a dogs head off and would eat the meat from the leg. Rick said that Damien was the leader. States that about 6 months ago Jesse told him that Damien was a Devil worshiper and that he ate the right leg of dogs. Jesse said that this happened in the woods located behind Elite lamp.

Dennis states that he has been in those woods hunting and observed Devil worshiping symbols on trees and KKK on trees.

Dennis states that Jesse liked to fight and alot of times he would even start it. About 2 months ago Jesse was fighting a boy named Eric in Lakeshore when this girl named Tiffany (13 yoa) Eric's girlfriend -- went over to try and stop him -- states Jesse turned around and hit her as hard as he could in the ear with his fist. States that Jesse had to go to Juvenile Court over that.

States that about 4 or 5 months ago in Highland Trailer Park there was a little girl -- 5 or 6 yrs old -- that was throwing rocks -- one accidentally hit Jesse -- Jesse chased the little girl and threw a rock and hit her in the head. The little girl was crying and Jesse was laughing. Her name was Paula -- they don't live in Highland anymore -- they moved about 1 month ago. They were renting a house trailer from David De???. The girl's mother called the Police and a deputy came out and talked to Jesse. Jesse told his dad about it but his dad didn't say anything to him about it.

Dennis states that he was not really surprised when he heard that Jesse was arrested for the homicide. States that he was always nice to him but it didn't really surprise him that he was involved. States that Jesse never mentioned the murders to him.

States that Susie Brewer is (was) Jesse's girlfriend -- he has talked to her since this happened and she doesn't think he was involved. Dennis states that Jesse never says anything about his mother but does see her every now and then. States that he does not like his stepmother (Lee) at all -- states that she stays drunk all of the time and so does Jesse's dad. States that about 2 months ago he was spending the night with Jesse -- when they came into the trailer around 6:30 pm -- Lee was passed out on the couch wearing nothing but her panties. Jesse went and told his dad who didn't say anything. States that Lee and Jesse's dad both stay drunk all of the time.

Dennis states that Jesse drank alot and smoked pot when he could get it -- thinks the guys name is Josh 17 yrs old and lives in Highland Trailer Park. States that he also saw Jesse sniffing gas about 20 times. Also saw Jesse take mini thins -- bought them at Delta in Marion -- got high from those.

States that Jesse hung around with Raymond Holt -- Highland -- William Moore + Brent Moore -- 18 yoa (Michael Moores cousin) -- lives past Harvard Yard in a Brown + White Trailer -- Josh 17 yoa -- Highland -- James Bailey 15 yoa -- Highland -- Stan Bailey -- Felicia Williams 16 yoa -- Highland -- Christy Jones 17 yoa -- Highland and Jennifer -- does not know her last name, Bobby + Stephanie Dollar -- Highland.

This statement was written by Lt. D. Hester at the request of Dennis Carter 6/9/93 completed @ 4:15 p.m.

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