Dennis Carter Rt. 2 Box 105 Marion Ark. I went to Dice one or two time but it was after the three little boys was murder. I have never went with Jessie to Dice. The time I went to Dice was with Kevin and Jhoney and Freedie and Bo and with Jhoney girlfriend it was on a Friday night but Jessie did not go with us. Kevin live out in Highland Traler park with Jhoney. Freedie lives out in like shore so does Bo. Freedie and Bo are brothers. Jhoney girlfriend lives in highland also. I don't no Kevin and Jhoney I don't know there names and I don't no Freedie or Bo either or Jhoney girlfriend name. I know Jessie goes to Dice but he usually he goes on Monday or Friday.

3:27 pm on June 22, 1993

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