I, Donna Medford, hereby state and declare under penalty of perjury as follows:

1. I am the mother of Jodee Medford.

2. Jodee and I were witnesses for the prosecution at the state court trial in the case of Arkansas v. Damien Wayne Echols and Charles Jason Baldwin in 1994.

3. I am informed and believe that during the 1994 trial, my daughter testified that she had attended a softball game in West Memphis in, Arkansas, in May of 1993, and that at that time she heard Damien Echols state that he had killed three little boys and that before he turned himself in he would kill two others.

4. In my testimony at the 1994 trial, I truthfully stated that I had been at the softball game described in my daughter's testimony, and that after the game, she informed me of Mr. Echols's statement concerning the three boys.

5. I presently recall that I learned of the statement when I was driving home with Jodee, Jackie (another of my daughters), Katie Hendrix (my niece), and another girl, Christy Van Vickle. Jodee and others described the statement to me at that time.

6. When I heand the description of Mr. Echols's statement during the drive, I told the girls to forget about it. I recall that at the time, I did not believe it possible that Damien was actually confessing to the crime in front of so many people, but was instead simply trying to draw attention to himself. It was for that reason that I did not report the girls' statement to anyone else until I learned from television reports that Mr. Echols had been arrested.

Executed this 4 day of October, 2007, at Crittenden County, Arkansas.

Donna Medford (signature)
Donna Medford