Saw 3 boys coming out of Robin Hood

1 W/M 17 Yellow Black Shorts & Top Striped Shoes
1 B/M 17
1 B/M 17

They asked if I wanted a shot
I though of Drugs / Felt it would be needles
coming out

5:30-6:00 Sun still out and light outside

45 minutes later saw W/M and at least 1 BM
go into a house North of Kim's house
close to Goodwin
about the fourth house off of Goodwin on
West side.


Date: 5-8-93

On this date, I interviewed Dawn Moore who stated that she was out looking for her brother. She stated that she saw three boys (1 W/M and 2 B/M) coming out of Robin Hood near the ditch that goes to Devil's Den. She stated that they were near the Hydrant accross the street and as she drove by one of them asked if she wanted a shot. She felt that they were talking about drugs. She stated that she didn't see the little Boys that evening.