On the day after the bodies of the three boys were found I had a conversation with Steve Jones, a Juvenile Officer for Crittenden County, Arkansas. In our conversation I found that Steve and I shared the same opinion that the murders appeared to have overtones of a cult sacrifice.

During our conversation Steve mentioned that of all the people known by him to be involved in cult type activities one person stood out in his mind, that in his opinion, was capable of being involved in this type of crime. That person was Damien Echols. Steve stated that Damien lived at 2706 South Grove in Broadway Trailer park in West Memphis, Arkansas. On this day, the day after the bodies were found, I asked Steve if he would meet me at Damien's residence in order to interview Damien.

In fact the day after the bodies were discovered I went to 2706 South Grove and meet with Steve Jones whereas we talked to Pamela and Eddie Hutcheson the mother and step-father of Damien. Neither Pamela or Eddie objected to our talking to Damien. On this day, with Pamela and Eddie's permission, we talked to Damien in his bed room and on this day I took a Polaroid of Damien Echols. At this time I observed Damien to have a tattoo on his chest of a five pointed star or pentagram and as best I remember one other tattoo on his shoulder or arm. I am unsure of the nature of this tattoo.

[signed] Lt. James Sudbury.