FOGLEMAN: Are you the same Deputy Dollahite who testified previously?

DOLLAHITE: That's correct sir.

FOGLEMAN: Okay. Uhhh, Officer, I want to show you what I've marked for identification purposes as state's exhibit 2A and ask if you can identify that?

DOLLAHITE: Yes sir I can.

FOGLEMAN: And what is that?

DOLLAHITE: That's the layout diagram lot plot for Highland Trailer Park.

FOGLEMAN: First of all, if you would, on this uhh, well Your Honor, I'd offer state's exhibit 2A.

STIDHAM: No objection.

THE COURT: Okay, it may be received without objection.

FOGLEMAN: If you would, take my pen and label where the service road is. Just write 'SR' or... yeah, just write 'SR' that would be...

(dead space-tape flipped)

FOGLEMAN: ...entered Highland Park, if you could take this pen, uhh marker, and mark the entrance that you entered to Highland park to, and then where you went in Highland park...alright, and is that where you stopped?

DOLLAHITE: That's where I stopped on the first complaint, on the initial complaint call.

FOGLEMAN: Okay, alright, and did you ever go anywhere else on any of the other ones?


FOGLEMAN: Alright, where did you go then? Okay, the jury of course couldn't see that, but you turned the corner, on the first complaint, you stopped there on the corner?

DOLLAHITE: Yes sir, there at the stop sign.

FOGLEMAN: And then the second or third...

DOLLAHITE: The second and third complaint

FOGLEMAN: You turned...

DOLLAHITE: I turned right at the stop sign.

FOGLEMAN: And went another maybe 50 feet or so...

DOLLAHITE: That's correct sir.

FOGLEMAN: Okay, now if you would, could you take this blue marker and mark uhh, the, where Stephanie Dollar's residence is. Okay, and if you could again, take my pen and if you could just write across the top here S. Dollar...and are you aware of where the defendant lived?


FOGLEMAN: Alright, if you can, show the general area where the defendant lived. Okay...if you could...ok...alright, and when you went the first time, were you with other officers or alone?

DOLLAHITE: I was alone.

FOGLEMAN: Alright, uhh, did other officers later come?

DOLLAHITE: On the third call.

FOGLEMAN: On the third call? And who were those officers?

DOLLAHITE: Officer McCafferty and Officer uhh, Rob - Jason Oliver.

FOGLEMAN: Alright, and on any of these trips did you ever uhh, see the defendant?


FOGLEMAN: I don't have any further questions, Your Honor.

STIDHAM: No questions Judge.

THE COURT: Okay, you may stand down.