CF# 93-05-0666
DATE: 5-10-93
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On this date I interviewed Domini Teer in my office at the W. Memphis P.D. Present during the interview was Mary Margaret Kesterson of the Arkansas State Police.

Domini claimed that on Wednesday 5-5-93 that she went with Damien, Jason, and Ken to Jason's uncle's house to watch as Jason mowed his yard. Domini and Damien went to the laundry where they called for Damien's mother to pick them up. Domini stated that the time was about dark or just before it got dark. Domini stated that she was dropped off at her house and Damien went home. Domini stated that he called Damien and that he told her he was tired and was going to sleep. Domini's mother stated that Domini came in when Time Trax was on TV on Wednesday evening.

Domini stated that on Thursday she and Damien had an argument and took out stress on each other. Domini claimed that the conflict was to do with Jason Baldwin & his girl friend.

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