Donna Medford -
The week of May 24th when my two girls Jodee & Jackee Medford and Christi Vanvickle got in the car they started all talking at once telling me about what the wierd black haired boy had said that night. The all said they heard him say that he had killed those 3 little boys. Jodee said she heard him say "He had killed the boys and before he got caught or turned himself in he was gonna kill 2 more and already had one picked out." I told them he was just nuts and to stay away from him.
Katie Hendrix was also with me that night & repeated the same story. She also told me he had said he was going to bite her titties off. When he left she yelled 'Did you really kill those 3 boys & he yelled 'yes'."
Donna Medford 6/7/93 4:25p.