(p. 704)


having been first duly sworn to speak the truth, the whole truth (p. 705) and nothing but the truth, then testified as follows:


Q: Will you please state your name and address?
A: Debra O’Tinger. 1309 (???) Goodwin Avenue, West Memphis.
Q: I want to direct your attention to May 5th, 1993, the day that the three boys disappeared.
A: Um-hum.
Q: Were you at home that day?
A: Yes, sir.
Q: Did you see the boys?
A: Yes, sir.
Q: About what time was it when you first saw them?
A: Around six, close to six.
Q: What were they doing?
A: They were in my yard.
Q: Were they walking?
A: One was walking and one was on a bike.
Q: How many boys were there?
A: Two at the time.
Q: When they were doing whatever they were doing, did you see them later?
A: No, sir.
Q: Do you know the boys? Did you know them?
A: No, sir.
(p. 706)
Q: What exactly did you see the boys doing?
A: One (???) rode the bike through my yard, and I had just planted a (??? vine? tree?), and he had rode right by it and that was it. They were just going through my yard. That was it.
Q: How many boys did you say you saw?
A: Two at the time. We were leaving to go to my mother’s.
Q: I may just be confused. Let me show you this and ask is that yours?
Q: Would you mind reading over that for a minute?
A: Yes, sir. (EXAMINING)
Q: Was that your statement?
A: Yes, sir.
Q: I’m a little confused. In the statement you mentioned three boys.
A: Right. One had come around the side of the street where Goodwin Avenue and Goodwin Circle - -
Q: Okay, so there were - -
A: Three.
Q: I want to show you State’s Exhibit 101 - -

MR. FOGLEMAN: Mr. Stidham, do you have any objection to this?
MR. STIDHAM: I have no objection to that.
THE COURT: Are you offering 101?
(p. 707)
THE COURT: It may be received without objection.


Q: Okay, if you would, step down. See if you can recognize the area.
Q: Do you recognize this area - - with this being North 14th?
A: This is 14th?
Q: Um-hum. And this is Goodwin Circle.
A: Right. I’m right here.
Q: Would you circle that and put your initials?
A: Um-hum. (MARKING)
Q: If you could - - and let me get this pointer - - if you could show the jury where you saw the boys, the two together and then the one.
A: The two were right here going through - - here’s a sidewalk. They cut through my yard over here, and then one was right here. (INDICATING)
Q: Were you later able to identify who the boys were?
A: Yeah, I actually knew one of them because one of them’s brothers had asked to mow my lawn earlier in the beginning, almost the summertime.
Q: Do you know which of the boys that was?
A: Byers, the little Byers boy.
Q: I want to show you State’s Exhibit One and ask if you can (p. 708) recognize him?
A: Yes, sir.
Q: Is that the Byers boy?
A: Yes, it is.
Q: Is this one of the boys that you saw?
A: Yes, sir.
Q: And about what time was this?
A: Close to six. We were supposed to be at my mother’s at six for dinner.
Q: Where were they when you last saw them?
A: That was it. We were getting into the vehicle to leave.
Q: Do you know what this area, the kids call this area?
A: Robin Hood.