having been first duly sworn to speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, then testified as follows:



Q. Would you state your name, please?

A. My name is Andy Jack Echols, Senior.

Q. Andrew Jack Echols, Senior?

A. Andy Jack Echols---

Q. Andy Jack Echols, Senior?

A. ---Senior. (3475)

Q. And -- and where do you live, Mr. Echols?

A. I live in Lakeshore Trailer Park between West Memphis and Marion.

Q. And how long have you lived there?

A. Approximately a year -- a little better than a year this time.

Q. And have you -- first of all did you marry Pam Hutchinson at one point back in September of nineteen eighty-six?

A. Yes, sir, I guess somewhere in eighty-six.

Q. And at the time that you married her, did she have two children?

A. Yes, she did.

Q. And who were those children?

A. Damien Wayne Echols -- Damien -- Michael Wayne Hutchinson and Constance Michelle Hutchinson.

Q. And did they live in the household there with you?

A. After we were married, yes, sir.

Q. And did you later adopt both of these children?

A. Yes, sir, I did.

Q. You went through the Court -- and had an adoption proceeding and the Judge ruled that you were the legal father?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. And was Damien's name changed at that time?

A. Yes.

Q. And he became Echols after that? (3476)

A. Yes, sir.

Q. And after -- did you -- were you basically the male figure that was there at the house for Michael during this period of time?

A. Yes.

Q. How old was Michael when you all -- when you and Pam married?

A. Possibly eight or nine.

Q. Okay. And did you and Pam separate -- well, when did you separate? Let me ask you that.

A. We separated and divorced in May of ninety-two, I believe.

Q. May of ninety-two?

A. Yes, sir. Approximately.

Q. And at that time -- well, can you tell us a little bit about Michael growing up and what kind of child he was?

A. Yes, sir. Damien was always a quiet type of child -- to himself mostly. He liked to read right smart. Like I say he was mostly to hisself. I tried what I could to get Damien to love me like I did him.

Q. Do you love him?

A. I love him very much. He is one of mine.

Q. Did you have -- what type of relationship do you think you all had?

A. I think we had a good relationship. We both acknowledged (3477) that I wasn't his real dad, you know. I guess we had a good relationship.

Q. Now, when you all -- when you separated with Pam, was it real soon after that -- that she and Joe got back together?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. And have you continued to have contact with Michael?

A. Yes, sir, I have.

Q. And have you been here before?

A. Yes, I have, except I think I was sick one or two days, besides that, I've been here every day from day one.

Q. Do you support him?

A. I don't understand your question.

Q. Are you -- why -- why have you come here every day?

A. Because I love my son. I want him to know that I'm here for him.

Q. was -- was Michael -- tell us about his schooling. Was he in lots of different schools or the same one? Just tell us about that.

A. Damien was in west Memphis School for -- if I ain't mistaken -- one year and the rest of the time he was at the Marion School.

Q. when he was younger, are you aware of where he went to school?

A. I'm aware he went to the West Memphis School there some, but I'm not sure where all. (3478)

MR. DAVIDSON: Your Honor, in order to save time we're going to ask that an educational time line be presented.

THE COURT: What is it? I'm sorry.

MR. DAVIDSON: An educational time line.

MR. FOGLEMAN: We don't have any objection, your Honor.

THE COURT: Alright. I'm not sure what it is.

MR. DAVIDSON: It's an educational time line---

MR. PRICE: It's a list of all the schools he's been to.

MR. DAVIDSON: ---the schools that he's been in.

THE COURT: Alright, it may be received without objection and you may exhibit to the jury.


MR. DAVIDSON: Could I exhibit?

THE COURT: Yes. You may.



Q. Have you been able to -- Since Damien has been incarcerated, have you been able to talk with him?

A. When he was in jail, yes. I go visit him once a week.

Q. Once a week? (3479)

A. Yes, sir.

Q. Have you been around his son any?

A. Oh, yes, sir.

Q. Have you discussed with Damien his relationship with his son?

A. I don't really think I have. I mean I have carried his son to him. When I go visit him, I carry his son to him every time and I wanted him to show his son he loved him and vice versa.

Q. Has he -- has he expressed to you his love for his son?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. Those visits, were they through a glass?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. Has Damien had problems coping with society and coping with being a kid?

A. Yes, sir, he has.

Q. Can you tell us some of those things that you saw as he grew up?

A. I don't know if it's Damien or if other kids just didn't understand him, or what it was. He had a lot of problems in school of kids not accepting him and when we lived at Lakeshore I had to carry him back and forth to school because kids steady picking on him, hitting on him, fighting him on the bus, and we had to go up there several times, kids picking on him, fighting him there at school. (3480) Like I say, Damien is an withdrawal type of child, kept to hisself most of the time.

MR. DAVIDSON: That's all, your Honor.

MR. FOGLEMAN: No questions, your Honor.

THE COURT: Alright, you may stand down. Call your next witness.

MR. PRICE: Judge, our final witness will be Doctor James Moneypenny.