Fogleman: Call Anthony Hollingsworth.


Fogleman: Anthony, would you state your name and where you live for the jury?

Hollingsworth: My name's Anthony Lynne Hollingsworth. I live at route 2 box 1420 Sycamore, in Marion.

Fogleman: Alright. Is that - do you actually live in Marion or do you live in Lakeshore trailer park?

Hollingsworth: I live in Lakeshore trailer park.

Fogleman: And Anthony, I want to direct your attention to uh - a Wednesday night, May the 5th uh - in 1993. Uh - did you uh - go with your mother and others to pick up your aunt - grandmother - whatever she was, at the laundrymat?

Hollingsworth: Yes sir.

Fogleman: Alright. And who all went in the car with you?

Hollingsworth: It was me, my brother, my sister, my mom, dad and my little brother's girlfriend.

Fogleman: Alright. And do you know about what time that was when ya'll went?

Hollingsworth: Let's see, she got off there at 10:30 - I think she got off at 10:30.

Fogleman: Ok. And where did she work?

Hollingsworth: Uh - at a laundrymat on uh - you er - I can't think of the -

Fogleman: - You don't know the street?

Hollingsworth: No sir.

Fogleman: What's it next to?

Hollingsworth: Dog track.

Fogleman: Alright. On the same - which side of the interstate is it on? On the opposite side of the dog track or the same side?

Hollingsworth: The opposite side.

Fogleman: Alright. Is there a Flash Market close to it?

Hollingsworth: Yes sir, right beside it.

Fogleman: Alright. And how did ya'll go to get there?

Hollingsworth: Uh - We went down uh - the service road going to 7th street, uh - and it's right beside um - Blue Beacon and Love's.

Fogleman: Ok. And on the way, going that way, uh - to get your grandmother - is it your grandmother we're talking about that you were going to pick up?

Hollingsworth: Yes sir.

Fogleman: On the way to pick her up, did you see anybody there on the road?

Hollingsworth: Yes sir.

Fogleman: Alright. Who did you see?

Hollingsworth: Uh - Damien and Domini.

Fogleman: Alright. Uh - is the person who you refer to as Damien, is he in the courtroom?

Hollingsworth: Yes sir, he's right there.

Fogleman: Uh - which one?

Hollingsworth: The black hair one.

Fogleman: Alright. Your Honor, may the record reflect the witness has identified the defendant.

The Court: It may so reflect.

Fogleman: Alright. And what did you uh - you said somebody else, who else did you say?

Hollingsworth: Dominique, his girlfriend.

Fogleman: Alright, and what does she look like?

Hollingsworth: She's red headed, about 5'4".

Fogleman: Ok. And thin?

Hollingsworth: Real thin.

Fogleman: Alright. What - about how long was her hair?

Hollingsworth: Uh - about middle ways to her - right here.

Fogleman: Ok. About middle ways?

Hollingsworth: Yeah.

Fogleman: When you say "Middle ways to right here", do you mean it's that long or middle ways between there and her head? (laughs) What do you mean?

Hollingsworth: It ain't real long, but it's not short neither.

Fogleman: Ok.

(courtroom laughter)

Fogleman: Alright. I understand what you're talking about. Alright, and uh - how were they dressed?

Hollingsworth: They were wearing all black.

Fogleman: Ok. And uh - did you notice anything about their clothes?

Hollingsworth: Uh - yes sir.

Fogleman: What did you notice?

Hollingsworth: Uh - it's what you call 'dirty'.

Fogleman: Ok. And after going by there, uh - did you go and pick up your grandmother?

Hollingsworth: Yes sir.

Fogleman: Alright. I don't have any further questions.

Davidson: Now, Mr. Hollingsworth, did you say that uh - uh - you all were on the service road or were you on the interstate?

Hollingsworth: Sir, we was on the service road.

Davidson: You were on the service road uh - when you say that you saw Domini and Damien, is that correct?

Hollingsworth: Yes sir.

Davidson: Ok. Now who - who did you say were in - was in that car?

Hollingsworth: My whole family and plus a girl.

Davidson: Ok. Let's name 'em first. Who's your father?

Hollingsworth: Ricky Hollingsworth.

Davidson: Ricky Hollingsworth, ok. And who else?

Hollingsworth: Narlene Hollingsworth.

Davidson: Narlene Hollingsworth.

Hollingsworth: Tabitha Hollingsworth.

Davidson: Tabitha, is that your sister?

Hollingsworth: Yes sir.

Davidson: Ok.

Hollingsworth: Mary Hollingsworth.

Davidson: Now, who is Mary Hollingsworth?

Hollingsworth: My other sister.

Davidson: And who else?

Hollingsworth: Little Rick.

Davidson: Little Rick?

Hollingsworth: That's my brother.

Davidson: So little Ricky Hollingsworth, and that's your brother. And who else?

Hollingsworth: His girlfriend, Sombra.

Davidson: Girlfriend, who?

Hollingsworth: Sombra, I don't know her last name.

Davidson: Say her name again.

Hollingsworth: Sombra.

Davidson: Sombra, ok. And you all were going where, again?

Hollingsworth: Mm - to pick up my grandmother from work.

Davidson: And what time did she get off work?

Hollingsworth: At 10:30.

Davidson: At 10:30, she gets off work.

Hollingsworth: I think. I'm not sure.

Davidson: So you - well, what time were you all out there? What time did you go uh - down the service road?

Hollingsworth: Sir, that was a year ago.

Davidson: Ok, so you don't remember?

Hollingsworth: All I can just tell ya is - is a little bit.

Davidson: Ok. So you don't remember what time you were going down there, is that what you're telling this jury?

Hollingsworth: Naw, I ain't telling the jury that. I - I -

Davidson: Ok. Who are you telling that to?

Hollingsworth: To you.

Davidson: Ok.

Hollingsworth: I'm the one talking to you.

Davidson: Ok. Well, tell me now, uh - do you remember what time it was?

Hollingsworth: I'll say 10:30.

Davidson: You say it was 10:30.

Hollingsworth: How is that?

Davidson: Ok. Now, what kind of vehicle was this?

Hollingsworth: A red Ford Escort.

Davidson: A red -

Hollingsworth: - Station wagon.

Davidson: - Ford Escort?

Hollingsworth: Yes sir.

The Court: Did you say station wagon?

Hollingsworth: Yes sir.

Davidson: How many seats are in there?

Hollingsworth: Uh - 2 and plus - in the back, there's 2 front seats and then you got a back seat and you got a uh - the back, for like a spare or something. And that's where most of the kids was, sitting in the back.

Davidson: Who are - when you say "kids", who are you talking about as kids?

Hollingsworth: Uh - Rick and Sombra and Mary.

Davidson: You sure that you were on the service road, is that correct?

Hollingsworth: Yes sir.

Davidson: Ok. Where were you seated?

Hollingsworth: Uh - uh - in the middle seat. I was sitting right next to my grandmother when she got in.

Davidson: So, you were in the middle seat?

Hollingsworth: Yes sir.

Davidson: Who else was sitting there?

Hollingsworth: Uh - it was me, Tabitha, and um - which my dad was sitting in the front with mom, which was Ricky. But when she got in, we made enough room for her - so she could get in.

Davidson: Who was driving?

Hollingsworth: Narlene.

Davidson: Is Narlene your mom?

Hollingsworth: Yes sir.

Davidson: Ok. And you were in the middle with all these people - you were in that middle seat, which side?

Hollingsworth: I was on the passenger side, where the door is.

Davidson: Is there not a door on both sides?

Hollingsworth: Yes sir, but I'm telling you, I was sitting on the right.

Davidson: Ok. Now, ya'll have talked about this quite a bit around the house, hadn't ya?

Hollingsworth: Naw, not that much, why?

(courtroom laughter)

Davidson: Since this happened last year, you all sat around and talked about this, hadn't ya?

Hollingsworth: Not that much. Just off and on, very often.

Davidson: Did you go to the police statement and make a statement regarding - or police station and make a statement regarding this?

Hollingsworth: Yes sir, the next day.

Davidson: The next day. And um - these people that you say that you saw out there uh - what was uh - Domini wearing?

Hollingsworth: She had black pants on with sort of a black shirt - the shirt was black but the pants had white flowers on 'em.

Davidson: Pants had white flowers on 'em. Are you sure this is the people that were in there - in the car?

Hollingsworth: Yes - yes.

Davidson: Ok. Just a minute, your Honor.


Davidson: When did you say you went and talked with the police about this?

Hollingsworth: Very next day.

Davidson: The very next day. And uh - did you talk to 'em any after that about this?

Hollingsworth: Yes sir.

Davidson: And uh - when you talked with 'em the next day, did uh - did you give 'em uh - a statement?

Hollingsworth: No sir.

Davidson: And uh - did you write anything down that next day?

Hollingsworth: No sir.

Davidson: Did they write anything and have you sign it that day?

Hollingsworth: Yes sir.

Davidson: The very next day?

Hollingsworth: Yes sir.

Davidson: Do you remember who you talked with?

Hollingsworth: Gary Gitchell.

Davidson: Gary Gitchell. So, the very next day, what day would that have been? The next day?

Hollingsworth: Sir, I don't have the slightest idea. That's been a year ago.

Davidson: What day was it that you saw these people?

Hollingsworth: May the 5th.

Davidson: Ok. So, the very next day, May the - would that have been May the 6th?

Hollingsworth: I think so.

Davidson: Ok. So May the 6th, uh - you talked to Gary Gitchell about this?

Hollingsworth: Yes sir.

Davidson: Ok. And gave him a statement?

Hollingsworth: I ain't gave him a statement til May the 7th, I think.

Davidson: May the 7th, you gave him a statement.

Hollingsworth: I think it was Friday.

Davidson: On a Friday. Did you talk with any officer any after that?

Hollingsworth: No sir.

Davidson: Did you talk with uh - is this your signature down at the bottom of this page?

Hollingsworth: Yes sir.

Davidson: Ok. Can you read those dates?

Hollingsworth: Ha, yes sir.

Davidson: What are those dates?

Hollingsworth: May the 13th.

Davidson: Look at it again here.

Hollingsworth: Uh - it says "25th day of May - 3rd".

Davidson: Ok, did you also talk with 'em on May 25th?

Hollingsworth: Yes sir.

Davidson: Could it have been that's when you talked with them rather than these other times?

Hollingsworth: Yes sir, I made my statement May the 3rd, I think - or 25th.

Davidson: May the 25th is when you talked to 'em?

Hollingsworth: Yes.

Davidson: So, it wasn't the next day?

Hollingsworth: No, sorry about that.

Davidson: Ok. And that's the only time that you talked with them since then?

Hollingsworth: Yes sir.

Davidson: So the only time you talked with them was on a Friday, May the 25th, is that correct?

Hollingsworth: Yes sir.

Davidson: Thank you.

Fogleman: We're almost through, Anthony. Anthony, I want to show you this and I want you to look over that. Just take your time and look over that.



Fogleman: (mumbled question)

Hollingsworth: Yes sir, it is.

Fogleman: Is that the statement that you gave to the police?

Hollingsworth: Yes sir.

Fogleman: Alright. And it was on May the 25th, wasn't it?

Hollingsworth: Yes sir.

Fogleman: Atleast that's what the date is on there.

Hollingsworth: That's right.

Fogleman: Uh - when you gave that statement - looking over that statement, does that help to refresh your memory as to the time it was that you saw 'em?

Hollingsworth: Yes sir.

Fogleman: Alright. Let me get over here where I can see the statement, excuse me. And did you write in here - tell them what time you saw 'em?


Fogleman: See right here. Or about what time you went to pick up your aunt, uh - grandmother.

Hollingsworth: Yes sir.

Fogleman: Alright. And what time was it?

Hollingsworth: 9:30.

Fogleman: Ok. Did you also say something else in here about the condition of their clothes other than just 'dirty'?

Hollingsworth: They was muddy.

Fogleman: I don't have any further question, your Honor.

The Court: Anything else?


Davidson: Nothing further, your Honor.

The Court: Alright. You may stand down. You're free to go. Call your next witness.

Fogleman: Call Narlene Hollingsworth.