(out of the presence of jury)

The Court: Call your next witness.

Fogleman: Bryn Ridge, if he ever got out there.


Fogleman: You're Bryn Ridge of the West Memphis police department?

Ridge: Yes sir.

Fogleman: Uh - Detective Ridge, I want to direct your attention to May the 10th, 1993. Um - on that date did you have some contact and some conversation with the defendant, Damien Echols?

Ridge: Yes sir, I did.

Fogleman: And uh - approximately what time did you have contact with him?

Ridge: (sigh)

Fogleman: Do you have the subject description form wth you?

Ridge: No sir, I don't.


Ridge: Approximately 11:54am.

Fogleman: And is that the first thing you do is fill out the subject descriptiong form?

Ridge: Yes sir.

Fogleman: Alright, and who else was present when you talked to him?

Ridge: Lt. Sudbury.

Fogleman: During the time that you talked to him, uh, was there any force, promises, threats, or coersion used to get him to talk to you?

Ridge: No sir.

Fogleman: And in the, uh - were you and Detective Sudbury, uh - kind of an interview team?

Ridge: Yes sir.

Fogleman: Alright. And what is your information as to how uh - Damien got to be at the police department?

Ridge: My understanding is that his mother brought him up there.

Fogleman: During the course of your interview with the defendant, uh - any force, promises, threats or coersion ever used?

Ridge: No sir.

Fogleman: I don't have any further questions.

The Court: Anything else?

Price: Uh - yes sir, I've got - (clears throat). Detective Ridge, did - did you and Lt. Sudbury talk with Mr. Echols up until the time he was turned over to Officer Durham?

Ridge: Yes sir.

Price: Now the - was there a - a standard form of, I believe, a 32 questions - a questionare that had been filled out or that ya'll had compiled earlier that you were asking many subjects, many suspects in this case?

Ridge: Yes sir.

Price: And was one of the things that you and Lt. Sudbury questioned Mr. Echols about, you went over these 32 questions and wrote down his responses?

Ridge: Yes sir.

Price: Ok. Um - in addition, did you - were there some - some notes that you were writing, I think in probably long hand and maybe on legal length paper?

Ridge: Yes sir.

Price: Ok. If I could approach the witness, your Honor?

The Court: Yes.

Price: These the same ones that - they are 4 pages long?

Ridge: That's correct, yes sir.

Price: Alright, and then after you - these were the notes I guess you were taking as you questioned him?

Ridge: Yes sir.

Price: Alright. And that the conclusion of this or at some point later in the future, did you go back and write your answers on an Investigative Report form? I believe this was a form with lines and uh - essentially this form here, the report form, this was not a second interview, it was - you basically took the information from here - from your long hand and kind of -

Ridge: These notes were to refresh my memory in order to write this report as a rough draft of the interview. Then there was another draft of that interview.

Price: Alright, and was that a typed version?

Ridge: That is correct, yes sir.

Price: Alright, if I could approach the witness just to - is this the typed version?

Ridge: Yes sir, it is.

Price: Alright. And Officer Ridge, the - as far as the hand written investigation report, was this 3 pages long?

Ridge: Yes sir, 3 pages.

Price: Alright. Um. If I could approach the witness, your Honor, just look -

The Court: Are there any admissions or statements in hence that, uh - you saying -

Fogleman: We haven't considered yet, your Honor.

The Court: Alright, go ahead.


The Court: Alright, let me make sure I understand, your interview with Damien Echls occurred prior to him going to Officer Durham?

Ridge: That's correct, yes sir.

The Court: And you had concluded all of your questioning prior to that time?

Ridge: Yes sir.

The Court: Alright.

Price: Officer Ridge, was the interview that you did with Mr. Echols, did ya'll tape record any of that interview?

Ridge: No sir.

Price: Ok. Did ya'll have - did you have Mr. Echols, uh - review your notes and sign at the bottom of 'em?

Ridge: No sir.

Price: - At the conclusion of the interview.

Ridge: No sir.

Price: Alright Judge, I have no other questions of this witness at this time. Um - there's one thing I need to talk to the prosecutors about, just briefly.

The Court: Ok, are there any other witnesses?

Fogleman: Your Honor -

The Court: - In this hearing.

Fogleman: - There's - as far as the state has given to Detective Ridge and Sudbury - Officer Sudbury, has not made it here yet and we'd not even planned on putting Detective Ridge on with that statement this morning, but later we would like to suppliment -

The Court: Alright.

Fogleman: - A denno hearing wth his testimony at a later time.

Price: That would be fine, Judge.


The Court: Anything else?

Price: No sir. The page uh - (mumble) - we were missing the middle page of his notes, Judge, and that's what I was asking them.


Price: We have no further question, if I could see the written -

Fogleman: Your Honor, the -

Price: - If you could make a copy of the middle -

Fogleman: - Mr. Echols was talked to by, I believe it may have been Detective Gitchell and another person, after um - Detective Durham had talked to him, but we're not planning on offering anything he said after Detective Durham talked to him.

The Court: Alright. Anything else? Alright, you may stand down for right now. Did you have anything you want - any other witnesses?

Fogleman: No.

The Court: Other than Sudbury.

Fogleman: Other than Sudbury.

The Court: Do you have anyone you want to call?

Price: Just one more second, your Honor.


(tape flipped)