Fogleman: You're the same Detective Ridge who previously testified?

Ridge: Yes sir.

Fogleman: Detective Ridge, I want to direct your attention to June the 3rd of 1993. Uh - on that date, did you have a conversation with Jessie Misskelley, Jr. ?

Ridge: Yes sir, I did.

Fogleman: As a result of that, or subsequent to that, uh - did you obtain a search warrant for the residences of Damien Echols and Jason Baldwin?

Ridge: Yes sir, I did.

Fogleman: Now, uh - in executing those search warrants, um - what were the mechanics of that, who was involved and what were the mechanics?

Ridge: Ok. The crime lab was called and assistance was requested in collecting evidence at the scene of those searches. Uh - the officers were divided into teams. We secured those residences. Myself, uh - Lt. Sudbury, and personnel from the Arkansas State Crime Lab searched those residences.

Fogleman: Alright. When you say that you were divided into teams, what do you mean?

Ridge: Ok. At the first scene, it was myself, Lt. Sudbury, uh - the 2 crime lab personnel, and a uniform officer that secured the residence of Damien Echols. And once that residence was secured, then myself, Lt. Sudbury, and the 2 crime lab personnel searched their residence.

Fogleman: Now at the same time that uh - y'all were going to the residence of Damien Echols, uh - was anything being done in relation to the other residences?

Ridge: Yes sir, another team was securing another residence and there were 2 other residences that were also secured and searched at the same time.

Fogleman: Alright. And who's residences were those?

Ridge: Uh - the residence of Jason Baldwin, the residence of Domini Teer, and the residence of Jessie Misskelley, Jr.

Fogleman: Alright. Now, when uh - you said that you and who went to the residence of Damien Echols?

Ridge: Myself, Lt. Sudbury, Lisa Sakevicius of the Arkansas State Crime Lab, and Kermit Channel of the Arkansas State Crime Lab.

Fogleman: Now, and where was that residence located?

Ridge: At 2706 South Grove.

Fogleman: Where?

Ridge: In West Memphis, Arkansas.

Fogleman: And where was the residence of Jason Baldwin?

Ridge: 245 South Lake Drive West - I believe that's the correct pronounciation of the drive, but it's in Lakeshore trailer park.

Fogleman: Is that out in the county?

Ridge: Yes sir, it is.

Fogleman: Alright. Now, when you went to the residence of Damien Echols to execute the search warrant, um - who was present?

Ridge: Uh - Damien Echols, Jason Bladwin, Michelle Echols, and Domini Teer.

Fogleman: Alright. And who is Michelle Echols?

Ridge: The sister of Damien Echols.

Fogleman: About, approximately how old was she?

Ridge: Uh - 15, to the best of my knowledge.

Fogleman: And uh - who was living in the residence at that time?

Ridge: My understanding is Damien Echols, Michelle Echols, Joe Echols -

Fogleman: (talking over) Who is Joe Echols?

Ridge: Joe Hutchinson, excuse me.

Fogleman: Who is Joe Hutchinson?

Ridge: He is the father of Damien Echols.

Fogleman: Alright. And go ahead.

Ridge: Uh - Pamela Hutchinson -

Fogleman: And who's she?

Ridge: The mother of Damien Echols.

Fogleman: Alright. And?

Ridge: I think her name was Francis Gossa.

Fogleman: And what relation is she?

Ridge: The mother of - grandmother of Damien Echols.

Fogleman: Alright. And who from the crime lab was there to assist?

Ridge: Lisa Sakevicius and Kermit Channel.

Fogleman: May Detective Ridge step down?

The Court: Yes.

Fogleman: Detective Ridge, I want to go back to this grid pattern search that you and the other officers did um - did you do an area besides the wooded area?

Ridge: Yes sir.

Fogleman: Alright, and where was that area located?

Ridge: Ok. This area between the field and the ditch, including part of that field and then this area between this ditch and the field, and including part of that field.

Fogleman: Alright. And what kind of field was that?

Ridge: A wheat field.

Fogleman: Alright. And uh - what was the condition of the ground, uh - at that time when y'all did that grid search?

Ridge: Uh - it was smooth, there was grass, uh - wheat growing in the area.

Fogleman: And uh - what if anything did you find in the part of that field that y'all searched?

Ridge: Uh - we didn't find anything, uh - it was normal, smooth.

Fogleman: Any automobile tracks, truck tracks, anything like that?

Ridge: No sir.

Fogleman: You can retake the stand. I don't have any further questions, Your Honor, at this time.

Davidson: Detective, I didn't see where that was and that map doesn't help me a whole lot. I like this one a little better, 'cause I - show me where this field is that you were talking about.

Ridge: May I stand down?

Davidson: Yeah please, I'm sorry. Where is that wheat field?

Ridge: This area here, the field. The crimescene here. We spread out, then came this way, over around the edge to the expressway.

Davidson: Ok.

Ridge: Came back and then came through this area, then covering part of the woods and the field.

Davidson: Ok. Did you search the - basically what, this entire area here was searched by grid - the whole field or -

Ridge: The edges.

Davidson: The edges?

Ridge: Yes sir. This edge - down this area, then walked back together down through here. We were spread out - it wasn't what you would call a grid pattern coming back. The when we got to here, we came across in a grid like pattern, this way.

Davidson: And the other places that were grid searched were - was this wooded area here?

Ridge: No sir.

Davidson: Did - you did not grid search this area here?

Ridge: No sir.

Davidson: Did you grid search this area here?

Ridge: Yes sir.

Davidson: Ok. So the wooded section here and this area here were where the grid search occurred?

Ridge: Correct, yes sir.

Davidson: Thank you.

Fogleman: How many of there were you walking uh - from the wooded area down the edge of Ten Mile Bayou, then swinging around and coming back, and then going along side in the field?

Ridge: I think there were 12 of us.

Fogleman: 12 of you?

Ridge: Yes.

Fogleman: And how far apart were you?

Ridge: At arm's length.

Fogleman: Arm length apart?

Ridge: Yes sir. 6 foot.

Fogleman: Ok.

Ridge: Estimate.

Fogleman: Nothing further, Your Honor, at this time.


Fogleman: Oh Your Honor, I did have a question. Uh - when you uh - did the search of Damien Echols' residence, uh - was a - was a black overcoat found?

Ridge: No sir.

The Court: You following anything?

Ford: Just a second.

Price: No questions, Judge.

Ford: Wait - wait, just a second......We have no questions, Your Honor.

The Court: You can step back down, I'm sure they're gonna call you back in here.

Ridge: Yes sir.

The Court: Alright it's about 4:30, that's close enough for me to quit. Unless you just wanna call one more witness.

Fogleman: Your Honor, that's fine.

The Court: You got anybody that can't come back or something like that?

Fogleman: Your Honor, the only one that might, is the person from Genetic Design, uh--

The Court: Is he here?

Fogleman: He's here, but we -- he can come back tomorrow. He would probably be more than 30 minutes time.

The Court: Yes he was the last time, so. (Laughter) Half a day.

Ford: Your Honor?

The Court: Huh?

Ford: Can we approach the bench?

The Court: Yeah.

(Bench Conference)

Ford: I would ask that you don't make remarks about what happened last time on the record.

The Court: I just said "the last time."

Ford: Well, I--

The Court: That's fine. Alright.

Ford: Do you understand how that can maybe be taken the wrong way?

The Court: Well, no, not really, I don't. But I won't do it again.

Ford: Ok.

(Return to Open Court)

The Court: Alright ladies and gentlemen, with the usual admonition not to discuss the case among yourselves or with anyone, you may stand in recess until 9:30 in the morning. We are gonna quit early tomorrow. We may go to 4:30 again, but I'm thinking at least 4 o'clock, maybe a little earlier. And there will be no court Friday, so you can plan a long weekend. Court will be in recess.