FOGLEMAN: Will you state your name and uh, where you live for the jury?

MOORE: Dana Moore, 1398 East Barton.

FOGLEMAN: And uh, who do you live there on East Barton with?

MOORE: My husband and my daughter.

FOGLEMAN: And what relation are you to er, were you to Michael Moore?

MOORE: His mother.

FOGLEMAN: How old was Michael?

MOORE: Eight.

FOGLEMAN: Where did he go to school?

MOORE: Weaver.

FOGLEMAN: Okay. And uh what grade was he in?

MOORE: Second.

FOGLEMAN: Whose room was he in?

[There seems to be some sort of unknown disturbance going on here (maybe a cameraman?), which is why Mrs. Moore doesn't respond and Fogleman asks again]

FOGLEMAN: Whose room was he in?

MOORE: Uh, Ms. Miller.

FOGLEMAN: And do you know what uh, relationship or acquitanceship he had with Stevie Branch and Chris Byers?

MOORE: They were all in the same Boy Scout troup.

FOGLEMAN: On uh, I wanna direct your attention to May the 5th of 1993, uhm, after school uhm, when did you see Michael?

MOORE: About 10 after 3.

FOGLEMAN: Okay. And what time does school let out?

MOORE: 3 o'clcok.

FOGLEMAN: And where is the school in relation to your home?

MOORE: Right next door.

FOGLEMAN: And in the afternoon, uhm, did you see Michael uhm occasionally in and out?

MOORE: Yes, sir.

FOGLEMAN: Alright, was he with anybody?

MOORE: He was with Steve Branch.

FOGLEMAN: Okay. Approximately what time did you last see uh, Michael?

MOORE: At 6 o'clock [inaudible]

FOGLEMAN: And where did you last see him?

MOORE: Uh, going down 14th Street.

FOGLEMAN: And who was he with?

MOORE: Steve and Christopher.

FOGLEMAN: And how were they uh, going?

MOORE: Uh, they were on bikes. Chris was riding with Steve
and Michael was riding his bike.

FOGLEMAN: I wanna show you what's marked for identification purposes as State's Exhibit 5 and ask if you can identify that?

MOORE: That's Michael.


BURNETT: Any objections?

DEFENSE (sounds like PRICE): No objections.

BURNETT: It may be received without objection. You may exhibit to the jury.

FOGLEMAN: Thank you, your honor.

FOGLEMAN: Now you'd indicated that he was uh, on a bicycle?


FOGLEMAN: I wanna refer to State's Exhibit 6... [Michael's bicycle is brought in] Do you recognize this?

MOORE: Yes sir, it's Michael's.

FOGLEMAN: And is this the bicycle he was riding that day?

MOORE: Yes, sir.

FOGLEMAN: Your honor, we would offer State's Exhibit 6.

DEFENSE (sounds like PRICE): No objection, your honor.

BURNETT: Alright, it may be received without objection.

FOGLEMAN: Now I want to show you what's marked for identification purposes as State's Exhibit 2, do you recognize this?

MOORE: Yes sir, it's West Memphis.

FOGLEMAN: Your honor, we would offer State's Exhibit 2.

DEFENSE (sounds like PRICE): No objection.

BURNETT: Alright, it may be received without objection.

FOGLEMAN: Your honor, may the witness step down?

BURNETT: Yes, she may.

[They move over to the exhibit]

FOGLEMAN: Dana, if you would, would you take this orange marker and mark the uh, the area where you live? [inaudible] Okay, and would you highlight your address?

MOORE: [inaudible]

FOGLEMAN: What's wrong?

MOORE: I see 1390 [not sure on the exact number], it's supposed to be 1398.

FOGLEMAN: Okay, 1398 [slight laugh], alright. [inaudible] But that is where your, right there on the corner?

MOORE: Yes, sir.

FOGLEMAN: 1398.Okay and uh... what, what street, uh, or what street is your house on the corner of?

MOORE: East Barton and 14th Street.

FOGLEMAN: And 14th Street? Alright, if you would take your uh, take your marker and highlight where it says Barton and highlight where you see 14th.

MOORE: 14th, Barton?

FOGLEMAN: Uh huh... okay. And where did you, if you could step aside, let me give you this pointer so the jury can see, if you could point to the direction where you last saw, uh, Michael go in?

MOORE: [pointing] Going down East Barton.

FOGLEMAN: Alright. And when you're pointing, you're referring to North of your house?


FOGLEMAN: You can re-take the stand.

[Mrs. Moore moves back to the witness stand]

FOGLEMAN: Was there some time when Michael was supposed to be home?

MOORE: Uh, yes sir. He uh, he needed to be home around supper.

FOGLEMAN: Alright. In uh... in fact, when you saw him, what were the circumstances in which you last saw him?

MOORE: It was supper time.

FOGLEMAN: Alright, and what happened when you, at the time when you last saw him?

MOORE: I sent my daughter after him, to bring him home.

FOGLEMAN: Okay, and did she return?

MOORE: Yes, sir.

FOGLEMAN: Okay, and I take it Michael did not return?

MOORE: No, sir.

FOGLEMAN: Okay, was there a uh, did you later uh, report to the police that --

MOORE: Yes [occurs in the middle of Fogleman's statement]

FOGLEMAN: ... that your son was missing... Alright, do you know about when that was?

MOORE: About 8:10.

FOGLEMAN: And where did you report that to the police?

MOORE: Over at the Byer's house.

FOGLEMAN: And where is that in relation to your home?

MOORE: Right across the street.

FOGLEMAN: And did you later make an official report?

MOORE: Yes sir.

FOGLEMAN: Alright, and uh, who is the officer that came for that report? Do you recall?

MOORE: I'd know it if I'd seen it but I... Meeks, Officer Meeks.

FOGLEMAN: Okay. Was it the same officer that was at the Byers home?

MOORE: Yes, sir.

FOGLEMAN: Okay. I don't have any further questions at this time.

BURNETT: Who's gonna to be first, gentlemen?

PRICE: No questions for this witness, your honor.

FORD: Mrs. Moore, have you seen this photo before? [appears to be referring to Exhibit 101, the aerial photo of
West Memphis]

MOORE: Uh, yes sir.

FORD: Is your house on this photo?

MOORE: I'm not sure.

FORD: Okay. Take a minute to look at it, if you would please, and tell me if your house is on that photo, and if it is, then I want you to show me further.

MOORE: It's back there somewhere. There's Robin Hood there.

FORD: Alright, I realize that. I just, cause I don't know, I just wanted to sort of get my bearings as to where you live.

MOORE: I live up in this area, I think... or maybe on that next street over, up in that [pointing] area, maybe.

FORD: Let's get over [inaudible, but they are moving the exhibit]

[Moore moves down from the stand and goes over to the exhibit]

FORD: Okay.

MOORE: We live over in this area, or maybe over in this area.

FORD: Okay, if you can pick it out, I wish... I mean... if you can't that's okay.

MOORE: Not really.

FORD: Okay. That's alright. I'm sorry, thanks... uhm.

[Moore moves back to the witness stand]

FORD: Tell me what your daughter's name is?

MOORE: Dawn Moore.

FORD: Dawn, okay. And how old is Dawn?

MOORE: She's 10.

FORD: Okay. And... when you, when you sent her out to fetch Michael to come home for supper could you see him out in the distance at all?


FORD: You could see him?


FORD: Okay, and did you point him out to your to your daughter?

MOORE: She knew it was him.

FORD: Okay, and so she went out after him?


FORD: But she came back and never found him.


FORD: Okay... can you, can you tell me uhm... how far Mike was from you when you, when you could see him out in the neighborhood?

MOORE: We have a curb on 14th Street...

FORD: Okay.

MOORE: And he was going around that curve.

FORD: So you could see him but he turned the corner and went...

MOORE: He was turning as, as he was going.

FORD: Okay, and when, as he would have turned, would he have gone out of sight from your home?


FORD: Okay, okay. And again, since I, I missed what you said just a minute, what time was it when you reported this to the police?

MOORE: 8:10.

FORD: Okay. Had you been looking before that?

MOORE: Yes, sir.

FORD: Okay, tell me where all you had looked?

MOORE: All around and in just that general area, and then over there in uh, by uh Pam Hobb's house.

FORD: Okay, did you get, did you get outside of the neighborhood and on the streets?

MOORE: Not at first.

FORD: Did uh, did you later though search the, the this wooded area? Did you ever do that?

MOORE: I never went into Robin Hoods, no.

FORD: Okay. Now there's some, there's some wooded area that's right behind those houses on W. E. Catt Street.

MOORE: Yes, sir.

FORD: Did you search that area?

MOORE: I never went in to Robin Hood, no.

[Ford moves over to the exhibit]

FORD: Okay, so I, so I understand... this section of woods where they were actually found, that's called Robin Hoods?

MOORE: I believe so, that's what I've been told, I've never been in there.

FORD: But also, this other section of woods right there, behind the houses, is that also?

MOORE: I would believe so, it's all the same.

FORD: Tell me what time you stopped looking that night?

MOORE: About 2, 1 to 2 in the morning.

FORD: 1 to 2 in the morning?

MOORE: Mmhm.

FORD: Okay. And was your husband helping you look as well?

MOORE: My husband was out of town.

FORD: He was out of town, okay. But you... and if you and other members of your family...

MOORE: Yes sir, my daughter...

FORD: Y'all sort of called it off at night, at about 1 to 2 in the morning?

MOORE: Yes sir.

FORD: Okay, uhm, what time did you start again the next morning?

MOORE: Uh, approximately about 5. About 5.

FORD: About 5? [Pause] Thank you... I don't have any further questions.