Fogleman: Call Debra O'Tinger.

The Court: She'll be in the back - O'Tinger.


(sworn in)

Fogleman: Would you state your name uh - for the jury?

O'Tinger: Debra O'Tinger.

Fogleman: Alright. And uh - May the 5th of 1993, where did you live?

O'Tinger: 1309 Goodwin Avenue.

Fogleman: Ok. In West Memphis?

O'Tinger: Yes sir.

Fogleman: Um - on that date, did you um - well, first of all were you acquainted with any of the um - victims, Michael Moore, Stevie Branch, Chris Byers?

O'Tinger: They were around the house quite a lot.

Fogleman: Ok.

O'Tinger: I didn't quite know them real well.

Fogleman: Ok, but you knew who they were when you saw them?

O'Tinger: I knew who they were, yes.

Fogleman: Ok. On uh - May the 5th, did you see the boys that afternoon?

O'Tinger: Yes sir.

Fogleman: Ok. About what time was it that you last saw 'em?

O'Tinger: It was about 5:45 - about - close to 6:00. I was going to my mother's to eat, I had to be there by 6:00.

Fogleman: Ok. And where were the boys when you saw them?

O'Tinger: In my yard.

Fogleman: Ok. How many of 'em were in your yard?

O'Tinger: Two of them were in the yard - two little boys were in the yard and one little boy met up on the side.

Fogleman: Ok. And uh - do you - what were they doing when you saw 'em?

O'Tinger: Just walking. They - just being kids. They was just walking and playing.

Fogleman: Alright. Ok. I want you to, if you wouldn't mind, step down and if you could show the jury on this ariel photograph - which is state's exhibit 101, if you could take this red marker and mark uh - your residence. If you could, put your initials. Ok. And what street is this one that loops around this way?

O'Tinger: Goodwin Circle.

Fogleman: Ok. And what street is this right here?

O'Tinger: That's 14th Street.

Fogleman: Ok. Alright, you can retake the stand. I don't have any further questions, your Honor.

Price: Ms. O'Tinger, the approximate time on May the 5th, 1993 that you saw the three boys - when was that?

O'Tinger: It was close to 6:00. I can't - I can't really say - 5:45 - 5:50, something like that.

Price: Ok. Did the boys, did they cut across your yard?

O'Tinger: Two little boys cut across the yard and one, they had met and they had went to - down on Goodwin Circle.

Price: Ok, was it obvious to you that the three boys were together?

O'Tinger: Oh yes, they were together.

Price: Ok. And is there any doubt in your mind that it was Michael Moore, Stevie Branch, or Christopher Byers?

O'Tinger: No, it was them.

Price: Ok. And those were the only three boys that you saw together at that time?

O'Tinger: That - yes, at that time.

Price: Thank you, nothing further.

Wadley: Ms. O'Tinger, I'll just ask you a few simple questions.

O'Tinger: Ok.

Wadley: When you observed the boys, were you inside your house or were you outside your house?

O'Tinger: I was getting in my truck, ready to leave.

Wadley: Were they playing in your yard or were they just passing through?

O'Tinger: Passing through.

Wadley: How long did you see them in that area?

O'Tinger: For about a minute until I got in the truck - backing out, I had to wait until they moved and then left.

Wadley: Did you speak to them or -

O'Tinger: No sir.

Wadley: Ok. Were they walking or what were they doing when they came through in your yard?

O'Tinger: One was on a bike and one uh - they were walking um - Stevie Branch was walking through on the other side of my yard, right there at the sidewalk at the corner right there by the fire hydrant.

Wadley: Did you - you just saw one bicycle?

O'Tinger: Um hum. At the time, yes.

Wadley: That's all I have.

Fogleman: I don't have any further questions.

Price: Judge, I've got one more question. Ms. O'Tinger after you left, did you come back to your house around 8pm that night?

O'Tinger: Ye - it was around 8:00.

Price: Ok. Alright, nothing further.

The Court: Any reason to keep her in any attendence further?

Fogleman: No.

Price: Judge, she can be released.

The Court: You're released and free to go ma'am, thank you very much.

O'Tinger: Ok.

The Court: Alright.

Fogleman: Call Brian Woody.