The Court: I need you to raise your right hand to be sworn. Do you swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth in the matter now pending before the court so help you God?

Medford: Yes.

The Court: Have a seat.


The Court: Pardon, the same instruction that I have previously given you, that this testimony is to be considered only as to the defendant, Damien Echols.

Fogleman: Could you state your name?

Medford: Donna Medford.

Fogleman: Alright. Uh - Mrs. Medford, uh - do you have, uh - family?

Medford: Yes.

Fogleman: And who are those family members?

Medford: I have a son and three daughters.

Fogleman: Alright, you married?

Medford: Yes.

Fogleman: Alright, what's your husband's name?

Medford: Eugene.

Fogleman: Uh - Mrs. Medford, I want to direct your attention to May of 1993, after the uh - murders of the three little boys. Uh - were you at the girl's club, uh - one night when your daughter, Jodee, uh - told you some information about what somebody had said?

Medford: Yes.

Fogleman: Alright. And uh - what were the circumstances when she made the - told you what was said?

Medford: Well, when I first remember her saying anything to me, is when we got in the car ready to leave.

Fogleman: Ok.

Medford: And she and several of the others that were with me were telling me, chattering -

Davidson: Objection your Honor, to what other people may have said.

Medford: Ok. She -

Davidson: - Unless we are going to bring them in here.

Fogleman: Wait just a minute. What did Jodee -

Medford: What did Jodee say?

Fogleman: - Say?

Medford: She got in the car -

Davidson: Objection your Honor, that's hearsay also.

Fogleman: Your Honor, they implied recent fabrication in their questioning of Jodee Medford and it's an exception to the hearsay rule when there's a charge of recent fabrication to ask when she first went to the police department, suggesting that because she didn't report it until after it had been in the papers of the arrest that uh - that somehow that that was the basis of her statement.

Davidson: It's still hearsay, your Honor.

Fogleman: No, it's not.

The Court: Well, I know the exception you're talking about on this, the witness is available and here to testify and is here for cross examination - I'm going to allow you to go ahead.

Davidson: Alright, your Honor.

Fogleman: And what did Jodee say that she heard?

Medford: Um - she said that the boys that were there - and ofcourse I knew because I had seen 'em there, uh - that they had said that they had killed the three little boys and that, uh - well, Damien had -

Fogleman: How did she describe him?

Medford: The wierd looking boy that was there that night.

Fogleman: Alright, let me -

Medford: - Dressed in black.

Fogleman: Ok, let me show you, is this your signature on this? This is just to refresh your recollection.

Medford: Yes.

Fogleman: Just - let's see, this part right here.

Medford: Um hmm.

Fogleman: You remember, is that what she said?

Medford: Um hmm.

Fogleman: Ok. Now how did she describe him?

Medford: How did she describe him?

Fogleman: Uh huh.

Medford: The wierd looking boy with the black hair that was there.

Fogleman: Alright, and what did she say that he said?

Medford: She said that he said that he had, uh - uh - killed the three little boys and that before he got arrested, he was gonna kill two more and that he had one picked out already.

Fogleman: I don't have any further questions, your Honor.

Davidson: Now, Mrs. Hendrix, did uh -

Medford: Medford.

Davidson: Medford - I'm sorry. I was reading something else at the same time. Mrs. Medford, uh - what time did you all go to the ballpark?

Medford: Oh, about 6:00, I've got three girls that play - well, two girls that play ball and we're there just about every night.

Davidson: Ok. And uh - had you ever met Damien?

Medford: Never.

Davidson: Um - you just saw him that night?

Medford: He came in right behind me.

Davidson: Did she tell ya his name?

Medford: No. Did not know his name.

Davidson: Didn't know his name?

Medford: No.

Davidson: Uh - did you see him talking with anybody?

Medford: No, I was watching the ballgame.

Davidson; Ok. Now, so he - uh - your daughter described him as the wierd black haired boy?

Medford: And I knew immediately who she was talking about.

Davidson: Knew immediately.

Medford: Immediately.

Davidson: Ok. And um - you say that your daughter told you in the car as you were going home?

Medford: Yes.

Davidson; What time were you going home?

Medford: I don't know, we - I don't know what time our games were, but it was dark.

Davidson: Ok. And how far uh - down the road did you get before she told you this?

Medford: I got in the car.

Davidson: Ok. And did, uh - so she didn't come over and tell you this earlier? She told you this in the car?

Medford: Well, she had a ballgame.

Davidson: Ok. And um - when she told you this, there was a police officer out there that night, wasn't there?

Medford: No.

Davidson; There was not?

Medford: Not that I - I don't know. I did not see a police officer. I didn't know there - I don't think that it's uh - something they normally have is police officers patrolling the girl's club because it's a real secure, safe area.

Davidson: Did you see a police officer that night?

Medford: I was watching a ballgame, I did not see a police officer, myself.

Davidson: Ok. Did you take your daughter down to the police station?

Medford: No.

Davidson: Um. Do you remember the date that you were out there?

Medford: I remember that it - I believe it was a Thursday night, before Memorial Day because this was a subject of our - when we went on our trip, this was something that was talked about on our trip also.

Davidson: Ok.

Medford: And it was -

Davidson: You all talked about this alot in the family, is that right?

Medford: We talked about it that weekend.

Davidson: Ok. Now, um - the - when did you notify the police of this?

Medford: The day he was arrested.

Davidson: The day he was arrested?

Medford: I - I didn't actually notify the police, I notified the director of the girl's club.

Davidson: Ok. And that was the day you saw it on tv?

Medford: Well, it was the day that I was at work and my daughter saw him on tv and she called me up and said "Momma, it's really him, it's really him, it was the man - it's the boy that said that at the girl's club." and I said "Well, I'm gonna have to wait to, you know, to - until I see that for myself."

Davidson: Ok. And you - you never took your daughter to the um -

Medford: - Not until afterwards, so.

Davidson: And you didn't see this conversation taking place, did you?

Medford: No.

Davidson: That's all, your Honor.

Fogleman: After you reported this to the director of the girl's club, did the police later contact you?

Medford: Yes.

Fogleman: You didn't seek out -

Medford: - No.

Fogleman: - To be up here as a witness.

Medford: No, definately not, no.

Fogleman: I don't have any further questions.

The Court: Is that it? Alright, you are free to go, thank you. Call your next witness.