Sharp: Leonna Gail Sharp.

Davidson: And uh - have you gone by any other name?

Sharp: Well, alot of my friends call me, uh - you know, that don't know my marriage name - by my maiden name Poindexter, Gail Poindexter.

Davidson: Ok, so uh - Gail Sharp now though, is that correct?

Sharp: Leonna Gail.

Davidson: Ok, where do you live Mrs. Sharp?

Sharp: 1208 Lancaster, West Memphis, Arkansas.

Davidson: Ok, and how long have you lived there?

Sharp: Uh - ohh, probably about 20 years.

Davidson: Ok. Uh - how uh - do you know Randy and Susan Sanders?

Sharp: Yes.

Davidson: And how long have you known them?

Sharp: I would probably say about 17 - about 16 years.

Davidson: You've known of 'em quite a long time. Ok and uh - have you had occassion, uh - to go to Splash Casino?

Sharp: (giggle) Yeah - yes.

(courtroom laughter)

Davidson: Ok.

Sharp: You have to understand why I'm laughing, you know.

Davidson: And uh - did you go to Splash Casino on May 5th of 1993?

Sharp: Yes, I did.

Davidson: And uh - there at Splash Casino that evening, did you see Randy and Susan Sanders?

Sharp: Sure - I did, they walked right up to me.

Davidson: And uh - tell us what happened that evening.

Sharp: Uh - I played $20 and won $10,000.

Davidson: Won $10,000?

Sharp: Um hmm.

Davidson: And are you sure that was on May 5th of 1993?

Sharp: Yes, I filed it on my taxes.

(courtroom laughter)

Sharp: I didn't want to, but I did.

(more laughter)

Davidson: And how did you go back and file that on your taxes?

Sharp: Like a min -

Davidson: - Why did you do that?

Sharp: Because you called and asked me (laughs) if I was at Splash.

(courtroom laughter)

Davidson: Ok.

Sharp: I had it on my W-2's that they fill out, Mississippi taxes -

Davidson: Yes.

Sharp: - Where they hold out money -

Davidson: Yes.

Sharp: - They give you a copy.

Davidson: And you did file that a -

Sharp: - I sure did.

Davidson: And those winnings were?

Sharp: $22,400 on mine.

Davidson: Ok and those, uh - those, uh - you do recall that date of May 5th of 1993?

Sharp: Um hmm, I sure do. Because Susan come up to me and said "You're the one that won this?" I said "I sure am!"

Davidson: Uh - who were the, uh - Sanders, were they there with another couple that night?

Sharp: There was - I don't know who they was.

Davidson: But did you see them with another couple?

Sharp: Um hmm.

Davidson: Ok. That's all I have your Honor.


Fogleman: When did Mr. Davidson call you and get you to file your taxes?

Sharp: (laughs) He scared me.

(courtroom laughter)

Fogleman: When did - When did he call you?

Sharp: When he mentioned the social security - let's see, it was, uh - several weeks ago - a couple weeks ago.

Fogleman: Just a few weeks ago?

Sharp: Well, I had talked to him, like - and then some lady called me -

Fogleman: Some lady called you?

Sharp: Uh huh, wanting my social security number and I told her no.

Fogleman: Alright, how many times did you talk with Mr. Davidson about this?

Sharp: Twice.

Fogleman: Ok. And about how long ago was the first time?

Sharp: Umm, I would say within the month - well, last month.

Fogleman: Ok. So, since February the 10th, is that what you're saying? Was it in February or January?

Sharp: February.

Fogleman: February?

Sharp: February.

Fogleman: Alright. When did he, uh - call you next? Or talk to you next?

Sharp: Well, when the lady got on the phone and I wouldn't talk to her - then she switched it over to him.

Fogleman: Ok. He was there with the lady? Is that what you're saying?

Sharp: Um hmm.

Fogleman: Ok. Now, did I call you? And talk to you?

Sharp: What is your name?

Fogleman: John Fogleman

Sharp: No, you didn't.

Fogleman: I didn't?

Sharp: (indicating)

Fogleman: Ok. And you live at 1208 Lancaster?

Sharp: Um hmm.

Fogleman: Have you talked with anybody in law enforcement or with the police?

Sharp: All the time.

Fogleman: I mean in relation to this.

Sharp: Oh, uh - I'm a waitress is why I say that.

Fogleman: But you haven't talk to anybody with the law enforcement or prosecutor's officer in relation to this?

Sharp: Uh uh.

Fogleman: Your Honor, no further questions at this time, I'd like to reserve the right to recall.

The Court: Go ahead. Alright you may stand down. Call your next witness.