Fogleman: State your name and occupation for the jury.

Moore: John Moore, patrolman, city of West Memphis.

Fogleman: Patrolman Moore, I want to direct your attention to May the 5th, 1993. Uh - sometime uh - after 8:00, were you on duty that night?

Moore: Yes sir.

Fogleman: Alright, and did you uh - participate in any way in the search for uh - uh - Michael Moore, Stevie Branch, and Chris Byers?

Moore: Yes sir.

Fogleman: Alright. And what part did you play in that search?

Moore: Uh - at first, I was called to take a complaint on a missing child.

Fogleman: And where did you go to take that complaint?

Moore: Uh - Catfish Island on 7th street.

Fogleman: Is that - was that from uh - Pam Hobbs?

Moore: Yes sir.

Fogleman: Her place of employment?

Moore: Yes sir.

Fogleman: Alright. After taking that report, what did you do?

Moore: Uh - the other officer said that there were some people over on McCauly and I went over in that area. And did an initial search that night.

Fogleman: Ok. And uh - if you wouldn't mind officer, would you step down and show on this area photograph - the areas where you searched.

Moore: This dead end street here is where I parked my unit, walked up through here, searched back in -

Fogleman: - Were you by yourself in doing that?

Moore: No sir, Mr. Byers was with me.

Fogleman: Mr. Byers was with you, ok.

Moore: Yes sir. Parked here, was walking up through here, we searched all back in here and then back through here and then we walked back to here and back to this side here and then back to the unit.

Fogleman: Ok. Did you also search any other area?

Moore: No sir.

Fogleman: Alright. Did you uh - what time was that when you were searching in that area, approximately?

Moore: About 9:45 to about 10:15pm.

Fogleman: Alright, after you searched that area - you may retake the stand officer, uh - what did you do?

Moore: Uh - it was almost shift change and I was given another call, and I answered that call. And then pulled back to the station.

Fogleman: Ok, during the brief time that you assisted in the search, uh - were there other people out searching?

Moore: Uh -

Fogleman: - Or did you see other people?

Moore: They were there, but I didn't see anyone out searching, except me and Mr. Byers at that time.

Fogleman: Alright. I didn't quite understand your answer.

Moore: There was noone out in the field with us.

Fogleman: Ok. Were there other people in the area?

Moore: Yes sir.

Fogleman: Ok. I don't have any further question, your Honor.


Price: Officer Moore, did you recieve a call to go to Catfish Island to talk to Terry Hobbs?

Moore: Yes sir.

Price: Ok. And do you recall approximately what time that you arrived at Catfish Island?

Moore: Uh - I believe -

Price: - You can go ahead and refer to your notes if you need to.

Moore: Uh - it was around 9:25, I believe.

Price: Ok. And were you the officer that took the missing persons report from Mrs. Hobbs?

Moore: Yes sir, I was the one who started it.

Price: Alright, prior to your going to Catfish Island, had you been involved in any of the search of the three missing boys up until that time?

Moore: No sir.


Price: Ok. And after you left this, do you know approximately what time it was that you left Catfish Island?

Moore: Oh, I'd say probably about 9:35.

Price: Ok.

Moore: - 9:40, somewhere in there.

Price: Ok. And at that time, do you recall where you went?

Moore: Uh - just as I drawed on that diagram, I went straight over to McCauly.

Price: You went to the area, alright. When you went to the area, is that where you met Mr. Byers?

Moore: Yes sir.

Price: Ok, he was out in that area -

Moore: - Yes.

Price: - Looking for his son at that time?

Moore: Well, it was - I don't know if he had been out in - out in that area, he was at that dead end street.

Price: Ok, so you did not go to Mr. Byers home -

Moore: Right.

Price: - You went out to that dead end street -

Moore: Yes sir.

Price: - And Mr. Byers was out there?

Moore: Yes sir.

Price: Ok. And do you recall - you said it was approximately 9:35 when you left Catfish Island, did you go directly to that area?

Moore: Yes sir.

Price: Ok. And at that 9:35, would that have been dark at that time?

Moore: Yes sir.

Price: Ok. Do you recall offhand what Mr. Byers was wearing?

Moore: No sir.

Price: Do you recall if he was wearing shorts or long pants?

Moore: No sir.

Price: Ok and then - according to the radio log, it indicates that you - it has - recieved call 9:42 and then it has that, I guess the information on call or broadcast and then it mentions that you went to the - this area on Goodwin, attempting to locate the juveniles. And then there's a - under the column - in service 10:10, would that be when you would have left -

Moore: Yes sir.

Price: - That area, ok. So, approximately from the 9:42 to about 10:10, that's the time you spent looking in the woods in that area?

Moore: Yes sir.

Price: Ok. Um - ok, one moment, your Honor.


Price: Do you recall Mr. Moore if you had a flashlight with you -

Moore: Yes sir.

Price: - That night. Do you recall Mr. Byers having a flashlight?

Moore: Uh - I believe he asked his wife to go home and get one.

Price: Um - one more question, did you ever - are you familiar with the area down further, where the pipe is?

Moore: No sir.

Price: Ok. Did you ever cross the pipe?

Moore: No sir.

Price: So the area that you had mentioned earlier, that was the only part that you -

Moore: - Yes.

Price: - Searched in this area, alright. Alright, nothing further.

The Court: Anything else?

Ford: No questions.

The Court: Alright, you may stand down. You want to keep him here?

Fogleman: No.

Price: No, we -

The Court: Alright, you are free to go. Call your next witness.