Fogleman: Call James Parker. Your Honor, may uh - Miss Holcomb go home?

The Court: She's free to go.


(tape flipped)

The Court: - Do you swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth in the matter now pending before the court so help you God?

Parker: I do.

The Court: Come right up here.

Fogleman: Would you state your name and occupation for the jury?

Parker: Um - my name's James Parker, um - I sell - I operate a knife company in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Fogleman: Alright. And uh - what is the name of your knife company now?

Parker: Uh - mine's Parker's Knife Collector Service.

Fogleman: And who was uh - Parker Eagle Brand Cutlery?

Parker: That was a business that my father owned that - they're default now, they filed bankruptcy in 1990. They're no longer in business.

Fogleman: Alright, and how long have you - did you work in that business as well?

Parker: Yes sir.

Fogleman: I want to show you what's been introduced as state's exhibit 77. If you would look that over, could you identify that?

Parker: I've seen knives like these before, um hum.

Fogleman: Alright. And in particular, uh - I believe that says on the handle, uh - 'Special Forces Survival II', is that right?

Parker: Yeah, it's on the blade.

Fogleman: Alright, is that a type of knife that your company or uh - your father's company distributed?

Parker: Yes, it's a knife similar to it - like it, um hum.

Fogleman: Alright. And uh - at what time did your father's company distribute a knife like this?

Parker: Around 1985 to 1987.

Fogleman: That was during the big 'Rambo' craze?

Parker: Yes sir, other companies - that knife, other companies had 'em made just like it. It's a generic type knife.

Fogleman: Ok. And - but your company did distribute one like this?

Parker: Like that one.

Fogleman: Alright. And on the - there's a hollow part on the end of this, uh - on the knife that ya'll distributed, what went on the end there?

Parker: A compass accompanied - went on the end of it.

Fogleman: I want to show you what I have marked for identification as state's exhibit 96 and see if you can identify that. Can you identify the - wh - what did I just hand you, first of all?

Parker: A catalog from 1987.

Fogleman: Alright. And who's catalog was that?

Parker: That was Parker's kni - Parker's Cutleries, the default company's catalog.

Fogleman: Alright. And referring to the page I've got marked, uh - the item J634 -

Parker: - Um hum.

Fogleman: - Uh - can you identify that item?

Parker: Uh - yes sir.

Fogleman: And is that a knife like this?

Parker: Yes sir, that's one like that, um hum.

Fogleman: Alright. And it indicates that a compass accompanies it, is that right?

Parker: Yes sir.

Fogleman: Your Honor, we would offer state's exhibit 96.



Davidson: No objection, your Honor.

The Court: Alright, it may be recieved without objection.

Fogleman: Referring specifically to this item, J634, can you - can you read what's right there on the handle?

Parker: It says 'Special Forces Survival II'.

Fogleman: Alright. And if you could read on - on the handle here, what that says.

Parker: 'Special Forces Survival II'.

Fogleman: May I exhibit to the jury, your Honor?

The Court: Yes.

Fogleman: I don't have any further questions, your Honor.


Price: Mr. Parker, do your records indicate how many of this type of knife were sold between 1985 and 1987?

Parker: No, that - the company that manufact - had that knife manufactured, or ones like it, is out of business now.

Price: Where was that company?

Parker: What was it?

Price: Yeah, what -

Parker: Parker Cutlery.

Price: Alright, but did Parker Cutlery actually manufacture the knife or just distribute it?

Parker: No sir - no sir, they distributed a knife like that one. They might not have even distributed that same one.

Price: Ok.

Parker: It's a generic style knife.

Price: Do you know who actually manufactured this particular knife?

Parker: It was a manufacturer in Japan.

Price: Ok. Alright, would they have manufactured this knife and also other knives similar to that?

Parker: Yes sir.

Price: Ok. Do you have any knowledge specifically as to how many of these particular knives were manufactured by the company in Japan?

Parker: No sir.

Price: Ok. And it was the - the former Parker company - were they the only distributors of this knife in United States or were other companies -

Parker: - Other companies also distributed the knife.

Price: Ok. Do you know approximately how many other companies distributed this particular type of knife?

Parker: Not an exact number.

Price: Ok. Do yu have an approximate number?

Parker: Around 5 or 6.

Price: Ok. And do your records indicate if you ever sold this particular knife or a knife very similar to this to Damien Echols?

Parker: No sir.

Price: Ok. Nothing further.

Ford: No questions.

Fogleman: When he asked you whether your records uh - reveal that you sold any knife like that to Damien Echols, uh - do you have records showing who each individual knife was sold to?

Parker: Oh, no.

Fogleman: Ok. I don't have any further questions.

The Court: Alright, you'e free to go. Call your next witness.

Fogleman: Call Bill Durham.