Fogleman: Call Pam Hobbs.


Fogleman: Would you state your name and current address for the jury?

Hobbs: Um - my name's Pam Hobbs. I'm living at 413 Louise in Blytheville, right now.

Fogleman: On May the 5th where did you live?

Hobbs: 1601 South McCauley.

Fogleman: And what is your - what was your relationship to Stevie Branch?

Hobbs: I'm his mother.

Fogleman: How old was he?

Hobbs: He was eight.

Fogleman: And where did he go to school?

Hobbs: At Weaver Elementary.

Fogleman: And what grade was he in?

Hobbs: The second.

Fogleman: Do you know what room he was in?

Hobbs: Um - Miss Jones.

Fogleman: Ok. I want to direct your attention to May the 5th of 1993, did you work at that time by the way?

Hobbs: Yes sir.

Fogleman: Alright. And where did you work?

Hobbs: At Catfish Island.

Fogleman: Alright, and what time did you go to work that day?

Hobbs: That day I left about 4:50.

Fogleman: Ok. And uh - prior to your leaving to go to work, uh - what contact if any did you have with your son, Stevie?

Hobbs: I picked him up from school and we walked home from school and Michael come over to the house to ask if he could come over to his house and he went over to play with Michael.

Fogleman: Did - was that the last time you saw him?

Hobbs: Yeah.

Fogleman: Ok. And when did you discover that he was missing?

Hobbs: I had told him to be home by 4:30 because I had to go to work that night. So, I left early to go by Michael's to see if he was at Michael's because he wasn't at home at 4:30.

Fogleman: And uh - did you see him at Michael's?

Hobbs: No.

Fogleman: Ok. And uh - did you then go on to work?

Hobbs: Yeah, I went ahead and went to work.

Fogleman: Alright. And uh - did you later have some contact that indicated that he - you know, that he hadn't come home?

Hobbs: No, I didn't know he was missing until 9:25 that night.

Fogleman: Ok, that night. And were you at work still?

Hobbs: Yeah. When I found out, I was at work.

Fogleman: I want to show you what's marked for identification purposes as state's exhibit 3 and ask if you can identify that.

Hobbs: That's my son, Stevie.

Fogleman: Was that a uh - was that his school picture for that year?

Hobbs: His second grade picture, yes.

Fogleman: Your Honor, we would offer state's exhibit 3.

Price: No objection.

The Court: Alright, it may be recieved without objection.

Fogleman: Can I exhibit to the jury, your Honor?

The Court: Yes, you may.

Fogleman: Did Steve have a bicycle?

Hobbs: Yes, he did.

Fogleman: I want to direct your attention to what I have marked for identification as state’s exhibit 4 and ask if you can identify that?

Hobbs: That's Stevie's bike.

Fogleman: Your Honor, we would offer state’s exhibit 4.

Price: No objection.

The Court: Alright, it may be recieved without objection.

Fogleman: Mrs. Hobbs, if you wouldn't mind stepping down and showing the jury where on this map that you lived and if you could take that highlighter and - let me get you kind of acquainted here, here's Broadway right here.


Fogleman: And that's where you lived at the time, ok. You can retake the stand. After you found out at uh - 9:20 or so that he was missing, did you make a formal report to the police?

Hobbs: Yes, we did.

Fogleman: And did you do any searching yourself?

Hobbs: Um hum.

Fogleman: Alright, what did you do that night?

Hobbs: After I got off of work, we went into what they call Robin Hood and searched the area in there until the next morning when they were found.

Fogleman: Alright. And what time did you quit searching?

Hobbs: I didn't.

Fogleman: You didn't?

Hobbs: No. We searched all night.

Fogleman: And the next day, what did you do?

Hobbs: In the morning time, we went to the school thinking - you know, maybe they would come to school. We went by the school and they wasn't there so we went back out to Robin Hood, searched some more.

Fogleman: I don't have any further questions, your Honor.

Price: Mrs. Hobbs, do you recall approximately what time it was that you went into the Robin Hood area to search?

Hobbs: I'm gonna say around 9:30.

Price: Ok, so that was - is that the first place you went after -

Hobbs: - Uh huh.

Price: - ok, with the officer. Alright. Do you know - I believe at the Robin Hood area there's woods on both sides kind of at the bayou and there's a pipe, do you recall if you crossed ovr the pipe?

Hobbs: No, I didn't cross the pipe.

Price: Ok. And were you from at that end of the area - was that where ya'll were looking?

Hobbs: We were looking on the other side of the woods, not the part of the woods where they were found in - but the other part, on the other side of where that pole is.

Price: Ok. There's also another way to sort of enter the Robin Hoods areas, the area through the Blue Beacon. Did you go through that area?

Hobbs: No, not through the Blue Beacon.

Price: Alright. Do you recall off hand what other areas - after searching the Robin Hood woods area, what other areas did you search for that evening?

Hobbs: We rode around the town, we went to uh - apartment complex that's over there, we looked in the laundrymats and just basically everywhere we could think of.

Price: Ok. Do you recall if that night you went back to the Robin Hood area?

Hobbs: Did I go back in there?

Price: Right.

Hobbs: Uh - no, most of the night my dad and my husband and a friend was the one that was inside the woods.

Price: Ok. Uh - one moment, your Honor.


Price: No other questions, your Honor.

Ford: No questions.

The Court: Alright, you may stand down. Call your next witness.

Fogleman: Call Melissa Byers.