ABR 250 2-15-94
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Investigative Report
Triple Homicide

On 2-15-94, I made contact with Gail Comer at 800 N. 18th. She stated that she had no Direct information concerning the murders. She further stated that she did live in Lakeshore trailer Park and that Angela Gail Grinnel and Jason Baldwin were friends of hers. She moved from the trailer park about 2 years before the murders. She stated that she did not keep up with Jason for a bout a year before the murders. Mrs. Comer stated that her son Kent Lyn spent the night with Jason about five months before the murders and he had told her that the only thing Jason did during that time was play Nintendo.

Mrs. Comer stated that she knew Jessie Miskelley, Jr. who she reffered to as a "weasel" and stated that on one occasions he had forced her son to huff gas. She also stated that Jessie had no morals and that she has known his father to allow young girls to stay in Jessie Jr.'s room where the had sex. she stated was all night incidents. She referred to Jessie, Jr. as very mean and abusive. She further stated that she believed Jessie and Damien could have been responsible for the murders.

Mrs. Comer then began talking about Otto Bailey Jr. who she says is the person she thinks committed

ABR 250 2-15-94
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the murders. She states that he has threatened to cut her son's "penis" off and stuff it up his "ass." She stated that there are three suits against Otto Bailey filed by her and her husband. One is concerning an incident of threatening her husband with a handgun, one is for loss of business, and one is for Terroristic Threatening. She stated that she is aware of an abuse case and some type of drug cases. She further stated that she believed Otto Bailey could have gotten the trust of the kids and would have been able to kill them after getting their trust.

Mrs. Comer then stated that the Stepfather she described as Byers may have been responsible for the deaths. She stated that he and another man were accused of killing a boy in Marked Tree, Arkansas back in 1988 to 1990 but that the other man ended up taking the charge.

Mrs. Comer stated that Byers ex-wife who she thought was named Sarah was reportedly abused by Byers. Mrs. Comer reported that Gail Grinnel told her of receiving calls form Mark Byers ex-Mother-In-Law who stated she was certain that Mark Byers was the person who committed the Murders.

Mrs. Comer stated that she would not give a statement until she talked with Paul Ford.

ABR 250 2-15-94
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I further informed her that I was going to write up some notes concerning the things she told me and I gave her a card with my number for her to call if Paul Ford allowed her to give me a formal statement.

Detective B. Ridge
West Memphis Police Dept.