May 26, 1993

Kermite Channel
Arkansas Crime Lab
Little Rock, Arkansas 72215

Dear Kermite,

I have a list of questions which is vital to our investigation. I understand Dr. Peretti will be out of the office for possibly another week and we still have many questions left unanswered.

(1) Time of death?

(2) Cause of Death?
Dr. Peretti stated he would send me his report over a week ago I still have yet to see it.

(3) Pictures of clothing of the boys and the other set of clothing found away from the crime scene.

We took some pictures, however, we did not disturb clothing so not to lose any possible forensic evidence which the lab could possibly find.

(4) Which clothing belonged to which boy?

If the lab can lay out the clothing and take photos we could get parents to ID the clothing.

We feel this is important due to two sets of clothing were turned inside out and one set taken of in a more proper manner.

Can it be determined from the clothing if the boys were wearing their clothes when they were initially taken.

Is there any tears or blood or punctures found in clothing of the boys?

(5) Were the kids sodomized? If so what are the findings?
Any tears, bruising, ect.

(6) Any blood found on clothing of the kids? Whose blood?

(7) Can you provide a wound diagram and explain injuries the boys received?

(8) Was the stick we sent used as a weapon on the children?
The stick appeared to have been carved on or possibly done by animal can the lab address this.

One boy had bruising which appeared to be where struck with something possibly the stick on his leg.

(9) Dr. Peretti mentioned finding urine in the stomach of two boys and requested from us water samples.

What has been determined in regards to the urine?
Can the urine, if that is what it is, be used to eliminate any suspects or develop any.

(10) Were the boys forced to perform oral sex on the offender(s)?
Please explain findings.

(11) Lisa-Trace, has been very helpful could I get a description of fibers found, color and what areas should were look for similar fibers.

(12) Which boys have similar fibers on them and description of them. Lisa has given me some information on this.

(13) Any residue found under nails of boys?

(14) Is there anything which would indicate a black male involvement?

(15) Reference to injuries of kids. Defensive wounds, how severe? Were the kids dragged.

(16) Can you tell us which kid was killed first?

Anything you can think to give us would be greatly appreciated. We need information from the Crime Lab desperately. Today is the third week the boys were missed by parents. Tomorrow 05/27/93, will be the actual third week. We feel like we have not gotten sufficient information from the Crime Lab. We realize you have other cases coming in and must go to court on other matters, however, this case has received national recognition and without the Crime Labs information our hands are tied.

The efforts of everyone at the Crime Lab is greatly appreciated. The officers investigating this matter and myself need this information. We feel as though we are walking blind folded through this case at this moment.

Please answer the above questions as soon as possible and fax it to my attention. 501-732-7538. Thanks.

Gary W. Gitchell, Inspector
West Memphis Police Department
(signed) Gary Gitchell