Questionnaire Interview: Deanna Jane Holcomb W/F 16
9:10 a.m.

1. Did you know the boys?
2. What should happen to someone who did something like this? Should they have a second chance?
3. Why would someone do this?
4. Who do you think did this and why?
5. Could it have been an accident?
6. Did you or do you know who did this?
7. Polygraph? Do you think a polygraph is accurate?
8. Would you take a polygraph?
9. How do you think they died?
10. Do you believe in God-Devil?
11. How do you think it would feel to kill or watch someone die?
12. Where were you Wed 5-5-93 btw 6 p.m. & 10 p.m.
13. How does being questioned make you feel?
14. How do you think the person who did this feels?
15. Are you a hunter? Fish? Camping?
16. What type vehicle do you have?
17. Do you own a gun? Type etc.
18. Do you own a hunting knife or any type knife?
19. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to kill someone, even if you didn’t go through with it?
20. Are you familiar with Turtle hill?
21. Are you familiar with Robin Hood Hills?
22. Have you ever been sexually or mentally abused?
23. Do you at present have a relationship?
24. Are your parents alive?
25. Are you on medication? Medical Doctor? Mental Patient?
26. Have you ever experimented with controlled substances.
27. Do you believe in white or black magic?
28. Do you have or own a bible?
29. Why would your fingerprint be at the scene?
30. We have interviewed a lot of people, the pieces are falling together quickly, is there something you should tell us?
31. Have you discussed this with anyone?
32. Why would your prints be in the area of or at the crime scene.

Interview of Deanna Jane Holcomb

Lt. Sudbury
Det. Ridge

Response to question number

1. No.
2. Do it back to them. No second chance.
3. May have walked up on a drug deal, but the cult has a big deal in May.
9. Heard they were in ditch.
10. Yes - yes, good and evil.
12. Wednesday 7pm - 9pm at church, Trinity Baptist. Me and my mom took Michael home on Dogwood in Marion then home. My mother has a blue and I think tan van.
20. I know where Blue Beacon is but that’s all.
23. Not really.
25. No. Tried alcohol on two occasions didn’t like it.

Other comments:

Damien is a crazy, mixed up with drugs and the cult.

Damien has a skull and books on the cult in his room.

I was a black witch, it was a game people got into for the power and stuff.

Damien says he is into White Magic but that is a lie he is into Black Magic and sometimes he says he is into Grey Magic.

I hate I was stupid enough to get involved in this stuff.

If the cult was involved it would have been between 11pm and 1 am. The main time is 12 mid-night.

Damien could never hurt himself. He doesn’t love anyone but himself. He loves himself to much.

Damien once told me that he had never killed anyone but wondered what it would feel like.

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Other Questions.

Q. Did you ever preform any ceremonies?
A. Only ceremonies I did I did by myself.

Q. Does Damien have a special hiding place?
A. In the sewers man holes. Tried to get me to hide in one time when we ran away.

Q. When was the last time you saw Damien?
A. About a month ago at Wal-Mart.

Q. Did you say that the death of these boys was ordered to a friend of yours at school?
A. I said that Damien would not have been there he is a coward and would be afraid of going to jail, but he could have ordered it done and if so probably Jason Baldwin would have been the one he is a follower.

Q. how are you and Damien connected?
A. I ran away with Damien. I went to a hospital in Memphis and he went to one in Little Rock. I found out that he plained to kill our first born if it was a girl. Damien would not do it he is a coward and would have tried to get me to do it. That’s when I knew he was nuts and I had nothing else to do with him. I meet Damien at school. I read some of his poems and felt sorry for him.

Q. Are there any special weapons used by the cult?
A. They prefer knives or staffs, but would use what ever they had on hand.

Q. Anything in particular that Damien likes to wear?
A. He always had on something black.

Q. What is you opinion of Domingue Teer?
A. She would lie for Damien, he has never been normal.