"ME" - Carving on tree
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The "ME" carving on a tree was briefly brought up during Price's cross-examination of Bryn Ridge on March 7, 1994:

Q: Inspector Ridge, at the crime scene were there any drawings found on the ground or in the trees?

A: No drawings, no sir.

Q: Okay. Were there initials found on a tree near the crime scene?

A: Yes sir.

Q: Okay. And were those initials "ME"?

A: Yes sir.

Q: My client -- his birth name was Michael Hutchison. Is that correct?

A: I suspect. I'm not sure. That's what he told me, I guess.

Q: Okay. And then he later -- are you aware that he later changed his name to Damien Echols?

A: That's what I understand, yes sir.

Q: Okay, so the initials "ME" could not stand for my client's name because he's never gone by "ME" as his initials. Correct?

Mr. Fogleman: Your Honor, is Mr. Price testifying or is he asking a question?

Mr. Price: I'm asking a question.

The Court: It's kind of hard to distinguish.

Mr. Price: Alright.

The Court: Okay. Do you know what the initials "ME" stood for?

A: No sir, I do not.

Q: Okay. Did y'all do any kind of test on the tree to indicate how long the initials "ME" had been on the tree?

A: No sir.