Miscellaneous Photos

(Most of these photos are not part of the WMPD case file, but were taken by private individuals.)

Aerial (State's Exhibit 14)
Aerial (State's Exhibit 15)
Overhead woods
Street Map
Aerial View
278 Interchange Facing East (Northeast at the left margin, Southeast at the right)
278 Interchange Facing West
Behind Blue Beacon Truck Wash
Drainage Ditch West to East
View From Alley Between Mayfair and Drainage Ditch
Northeast of Robin Wood on the Frontage Road
McCauley facing pipe bridge entrance
View from South Service Road toward Lakeshore direction
Overpass from lakeshore
Old location of Walmart
Lakeshore Store
Byers Yard
Byers Backyard
Byers Shed
Crime scene
Crime scene aerial
Ten Mile Bayou at pipe bridge
Creek facing south
South end of creek on top of culvert
Approximate location of discovery
East access to pipe bridge
East wall of woods
Pipe bridge 1993
Pipe bridge
Pipe bridge facing east wall
Pipe bridge from east wall
Brown paper bags

Stills from Paradise Lost (Link to Photobucket)

Stills from Paradise Lost 2 (Link to Photobucket)

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Frontage Road