James Bailey
P.O. Box 581
Marion, AR

I have known Jessie about ten years. Jessie and I played basketball together. Iíve never went anywhere with him. I know Jasonís brother Matt. I always saw Jason + Damien at the skating rink. Damien always wore a black trench coat all the times I saw him. I saw Damien once [word marked out] at Vickieís trailer. Jessie went there alot. Jessie stayed at his house alot, too. I heard that Vickieís son was damiens half-brother. But I donít know if thatís true. Jessieís girlfriend was Susie. They hadnít been going with each other a long time. I hardly know Susie.

This statement was completed at 10:55 AM on the 18th day of June 1993.
Signed: James Bailey
Witness: Diane Hester