State of Arkansas )
) ss.
County of Jefferson

Before the undersigned Notary Public, duly qualified and acting in and for said county and state, appeared Charles Jason Baldwin, to me well known to be the affiant herein, who stated the following under oath:

"1. I, CHARLES JASON BALDWIN, am currently incarcerated in the Arkansas Department of Correction under Prisoner No. 103335.

2. In 1994, I was tried and convicted for the killings of Christopher Byers, Michael Moore, and Steve Branch. The killings were said to have happened in West Memphis, Arkansas.

3. I was not in Robin Hood Woods on either May 5 or May 6 of 1993. I did not kill any of the three boys that I was convicted of killing. I took no part in their killings.

4. I did not know that the three boys were going to be killed, I did not assist anyone in connection with the killings, and I do not know who killed them.

5. I had no opportunity to prevent the killings because I did not know they were going to happen. Had I known they were going to happen, I would have made that information available.

6. I told my lawyers that I was not guilty, and was not involved in the killings. I told a number of other persons the same thing at various times since I was first arrested in the case.

7. I have never told anyone, whether in the Juvenile Detention Unit in Jonesboro, or elsewhere, that I injured any of the three boys who were killed, or that I played any part in their killings.

8. If I had been called to testify as a witness in my trial, I would have told the truth, and would have denied having any part in the killings of Chris Byers, Michael Moore, and Steve Branch.

9. I have instructed the lawyers working with me on this matter, Blake Hendrix and John Philipsborn, to use all lawful and proper means to present any and all evidence to the Court in the form of petitions, motions, or any other legally permissible documents so that I can be relieved of what I state truthfully are incorrect convictions."

Further the affiant sayeth naught.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hereunto set my hand this 6t day of May, 2008.

Charles Jason Baldwin (signature)