State of Arkansas )
) ss.
County of Craighead )

Before the undersigned Notary Public, duly qualified and acting in and for said county and state, appeared Jason Duncan, to me well known to be the affiant herein, who stated the following under oath:

"1. I, Jason Duncan, currently live in the Jonesboro, Arkansas area. I was a resident of this area of Arkansas in 1993 as well.

2. Beginning around July, 1993, I was housed in the Juvenile Detention facility in Jonesboro, Arkansas. I was about 17 years old at the time.

3. When I got there, I met Jason Baldwin who, like me, is white. Jason was already detained when I got there. There were a number of black detainees there as well during the time I was housed there. I was sentenced on December 6, 1993, but did not leave the Juvenile facility in Jonesboro until mid January, 1994. Jason Baldwin was still there. He was there the whole time I was housed there.

4. I did time in the Arkansas Department of Correction with some of the people I was housed with in Jonesboro, including some of the black detainees there.

5. My recollection of the routine there for a new guy was that when you first arrived, they kept you in your room for a while. Jason Baldwin told me he was kept in his room for at least a week. For most of us, at least while I was there, after that first day or two of being locked in your room, you would be let out into the day room.

6. I was around Jason Baldwin for about seven months. Though we did not share a room, we did spend a lot of time together. I felt that I got to know him fairly well. I remember that his mother and brothers would visit. I remember that they brought Jason's pet Iguana. I spent more time talking to Jason than did any of the other detainees while I was there.

7. Even though the guys who were locked up in the Juvenile facility knew what Jason was charged with, he was not the only one who was charged with murder. Jason's was the best known case there, but the staff there didn't used to let us watch a lot of news about it. I remember that at one point I was told that HBO, the cable television channel, was going to be filming Jason because of his case.

8. Jason was never threatened with violence by black guys on the unit while I was there. There were some guys who would sometimes give him a bit of a hard time, but that did not last. In part because of the way Jason carried himself, and because he was quiet, polite, and respectful with all of us, things never got out of hand.

9. I remember that there was a white guy named Michael Carson who came on to the unit for just a few weeks at most.

10. Carson was never close to Jason Baldwin, and I do not remember his ever telling any of us that Jason Baldwin had ever admitted anything about the killings he was charged with. My memory of Carson is that he was kind of a chunky guy who acted as though he did not want to cause any problems. Carson never stood up for Jason with the black guys on the unit. He never talked any of them out of beating on Jason or threatening him. During the time he was there, Carson did not act like a guy who would stand up for anyone else. He just got by, and got out.

11. My memory of Jason Baldwin while I was housed with him for those six or seven months was that he did not buddy up to people quickly. He was slow to begin talking to people. He seemed to check them out for a while before he spent time talking to a person. Based on what I saw of Jason, and what I heard from him, I cannot believe that he would have said anything to a new guy a few days after that guy had been on the unit.

12. Jason Baldwin and I did talk a lot after a while. It took a few weeks before we spent a lot of time talking besides making small talk. We got to be close enough that there were times that he told me a little bit about the case. He told me that he thought that he and Damien had been charged in part because of the way Damien looked and carried himself, because of the way Jason and Damien dressed, and because of the kind of music they listened to. He may have also said things about what was going on in court, like when there was talk about a knife being found in a lake near Jason's house. Those are the things I can remember.

13. Jason Baldwin never told me, or anyone else in my presence, that he had anything to do with the killings he was charged with. He always denied that he was guilty of anything.

14. I was shocked when I heard that Michael Carson testified against Jason Baldwin and said in court that Jason had said things about being involved in the killings of the victims. As far as I knew, Michael Carson never got close to Jason. He was not on the unit long enough for Jason to have talked to him at any length. Jason simply did not spent time talking to people about anything other than small talk unless he really got to know them. He might say a few things to be polite, and respectful. He was not somebody who would just run his mouth to strangers. After I heard what Carson had testified, it was my opinion that Carson had not told the truth.

15. Since I was locked up, I have seen one of the HBO movies about Jason's case, and I remember seeing Carson in that movie. I remember thinking then that he was lying.

16. None of the officers, or lawyers, involved in the case talked to me until Tom Quinn, an investigator working with Jason Baldwin's lawyers contacted me.

17. If I was called to testify under oath in court, I would state that every thing that is in this affidavit is true and correct.

18. No one threatened me, promised me any thing, or did anything to get me to sign it. I reviewed it with Mr. Quinn, and when I was satisfied that it was true, I signed it."

Further the affiant sayeth naught.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hereunto set my hand this 21 day of April, 2008

Paul J. Duncan (signature)