CV NO.: 4-09-CV-0008BSM


I, Judy Sadler, declare as follows:

1. "My name is Judy Sadler. I am over the age of 21 and competent to give this declaration.

2. All of the information set forth herein is within my personal knowledge and is true and correct.

3. I am the aunt of Steven Branch or "Stevie," who was one of the three little boys, murdered in Robin Hood Hills area of West Memphis, Arkansas on or about May 5, 1993.

4. Pam Hobbs, the mother of Stevie, is my sister.

5. Pam was married to Terry Hobbs. Terry Hobbs is a party in the suit, Terry Hobbs. v. Natalie Pasdar, et al, CV No.: 4-09-CV-008BSM. I know Terry very well.

6. There has been a whole lot of press, newspaper and television stories, magazine articles and internet blogs about the murder of Stevie and the other little boys, about the trials of the teenagers who were tried for the murders, about the events of that night of the murders, about the families of the victims and about the effect on the families of all the events. Many, many newspapers, authors, television stations, websites and others have contacted my family, and Pam and Terry in particular, to interview them about and to discuss the murders, the trials, the teenagers convicted and the effect of these events. Pam and Terry have both given interviews on these topics. I remember that they have been on television shows. I have seen Terry on The Geraldo Show and Anderson Cooper 360. I have read numerous articles where Terry has been quoted and discussed.

7. I was very close to Stevie, and we frequently had personal, private conversations. When Stevie was eight, I was only 15, so we were fairly close in age. Stevie was very scared of Terry. Stevie told me on that on many occasions, Terry had locked Stevie in the closet as punishment for things he had done. I have personal knowledge that Terry beat Stevie on multiple occasions.

8. When Stevie had just turned 7 years old, he told me that Terry made him and Amanda (age 3 or 4) watch pornography. When he made Amanda and Stevie watch pornography, he would always have Amanda on his lap. If Stevie told Terry that he didn't want to watch the pornography, Terry would lock Stevie in the closet until about 30 minutes before Pam got home. Stevie said that Terry told Stevie not to tell anyone what they were doing, and that if he did, Terry would kill Stevie's grandmother (Marie Hicks), Stevie's grandfather (Jackie Hicks, Sr.) and Pam.

9. Stevie also told me that Terry would make Stevie watch Terry masturbate. Additionally, Terry would make Stevie sexually molest Amanda. Terry would watch and tell Stevie what to do sexually to Amanda. These were not isolated incidents; they were recurring from the time Stevie was six until his death.

10. I wish that I had told people about what Terry was doing to Stevie and Amanda. I knew it was wrong. But Stevie was scared and made me promise not tell. Additionally, I was a child myself, and was scared about what would happen to my family if I did tell.

11. Stevie absolutely hated Terry. Sometimes Stevie told me that he wished Terry was dead because he was so mean and bad. Stevie told me that he wanted his mother to leave Terry.

12. On one occasion in 1993, Stevie specifically told me that he wanted Pam to leave "Daddy Terry."

13. Attached hereto as Exhibit 1 are true and correct copies of pages from Amanda's journal, in her handwriting. In it, Amanda discusses the sexual and physical abuse that Terry inflicted on her.

14. I am aware that Terry has hit my sister Pam in the face and that Terry shot my brother, Jackie.

15. Terry has a horrible reputation in the Arkansas and Tennessee communities he has lived in. He is known to be violent. He is known to carry and use guns. He has hit my sister Pam in the face. He beat his step-son, Stevie. He is known to use drugs. He used drugs like cocaine, crystal methamphetamine and marijuana in front of Stevie and Stevie's half-sister, Amanda. Terry's daughter, Amanda, has told me that Terry has sexually molested her. Terry is frequently out of work. He is a known gambler who often goes to Tunica with whatever little money he has. Terry has a criminal record, and was put on probation for years for shooting my brother.

16. In sum, Terry is not a nice person and I do not believe he has treated his family well. In particular, I know that Terry did not treat Stevie well. As set forth above, his public image and reputation is not good."

I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct and that this declaration was executed in Mississippi County, Arkansas.

Dated: 5/20/09

By: Judy Sadler (signature)
Judy Sadler