Juvenile Court Services
Crittenden County Office Building
Phone 739-4401
Marion, Arkansas 72364

June 9, 1993

On June 8, 1993, at approximately 10:00 A.M., I received a call from Steve Jones at my office. Mr. Jones requested that I meet him at a location near Lakeshore Trailer Park. The location was under the I-55 overpass that crosses the railroad tracks. Mr. Jones advised me that he had an informant involved with certain individuals in the area who were participating in ritualistic animal sacrifices. He took me to an area at the north end of the I-55 overpass where we discovered the carcass of a cat and the bones of another animal as well as the carcasses of 10-15 pigeons in a pile. We also found evidence of small bonfires at the same location. We then moved to a location along the railroad tracks where we observed a lot of grafitti (sic). At this time, Mr. Jones observed a knife in the dirt on the south side of the tracks south of the retaining wall. I noticed that it had a blade with a serrated edge and called for CID from the CCSO. Investigator Bobby Stabbs from the ASP, Asst. Chief Don Bray and Lt. Gary Kelly of the Marion Police Dept. also responded. Both still photos and video tape records were made of the scenes. The knife was bagged and removed by Lt. Kelly.

(signed Jerry B. Driver) Jerry B. Driver Chief Juvenile Officer