Q: Would you state your name and occupation for the jury?

A: Jerry Driver. I'm the chief juvenile officer of Crittenden County.

Q: And are you acquainted with the defendant?

A: Yes, I am.

Q: Are you also acquainted with Damien Echols?

A: Yes, sir.

Q: And Jason Baldwin?

Q: Yes, sir.

Q: If you recall, when was the first time that you saw these three people together?

A: Around November 15th of '92, I believe.

Q: Alright. And where, where was this?

A: This was at Lakeshore Trailer Park.

Q: Alright. And what were you doing there?

A: I was out with a suspected drunk driver and uh, on a street in Lakeshore and the three of them walked by.

Q: Alright. Who, who else was --

A: Officer Dollahite of the sheriff's office.

Q: And who did you say walked by?

A: Damien, Jason and Jessie.

Q: Alright. And was this day or night?

A: It was nighttime.

Q: And how were they dressed?

A: They all had on long black coats, and Damien had on a slouch hat and they all had staffs.

Q: What do you mean "staffs"?

A: Long sticks that they were walking with.

FOGLEMAN: I don't have any further questions, your Honor.

STIDHAM: May I address the witness from here, your Honor?



Q: What date was that on, Mr. Driver?

A: Around the 15th of November.

Q: What year?

A: '92.

Q: '92?

A: Um-hmm.

Q: And you say it was dark?

A: Um-hmm.

STIDHAM: Nothing futher.

THE COURT: Alright, you may stand down. Wait a minute, wait a minute, Jerry.

Q: Mr. Driver, that was the first time you'd seen the three of them together?

A: Together, yes sir.

Q: Alright. Had you seen the --

A: Mmm-hmm.

Q: Had you seen the three of them together after that?

A: Yes, I have.

FOGLEMAN: Alright. I don't have any further questions.

THE COURT: Alright, you're free to go. Call your next witness.