Jessie Miskelley - Followup Question

Time when 5:00 -6:00
No watch on at the time
Was starting to get dark
We got out there @ 6:00 Me - Jason - Damien
Boys came up about 7:00 pm
Stayed there until about dark

Reg: Clothing - What did you have on
Blue Jeans - white shirt, with Basketball design-

White blue Adidas - Tennis Shoes
Buddy Lucas -18-19 has those shoes
Wanted them b-
Buddy Lucas @ lakeshore by the church
Church is on Cherry Street off of
(illegible) the Green truck Brown Van
Basket Ball Goal by it

Who tied the Boys Damien
Jason helped him

Reg: Belt- Who wore - Had anyone Damien wears
Balck Leather Belt with Beads around it
4" Belt - Shows - with fingers how wide

Raped - Byers - Branch
Showed by Name andface
Moore boy Raped -?- NO.

Jason + Damien

Damien Raped/Byers by hisself
Branch: Jason + Damien raped Branch.

Reg: Anal sex- Damien + Jason
Did to Branch + Byers.

(illegible note in margin) Had hands over their mouth/to keep quiet
Also - Put shitr into their mouths
Stuck their- thang (Penis) in mouth
iKept hitting the boys - all the time
(Illegible note in margin with a Star) Try to keep Jason + Damien off them.

Boys hands tied up
How they had killed
-Had 1 boy by head lock
Holding by the head
Jason would hold -while Damein would do
Then to two of the boys
{Not Jessie was showing of hands
to Both Sides of head at the ears
of the Boys as if Grabbing the ears
and focing the Boys heads down on the suspects penis}

-Pulled him showing by ears-
This followup done after the 1st tape
to correct + clear up some question
Responds to the 1st tape