Tom Self FBI Quantico-Behavior Unit
1-24-94 Ref: Profile of Byers - Sent - 1-21-94
Didn't have anything to do with it.

1. Puts himself @ different location- @ Court
house, talked to wife

Chris in & out while he was gone

2. Neighbor- Dana Moore 6-6 3:00 - riding

3. 2-B/kids-coming home store - with mother-
heading in the direction of Robinhood

Time Factor-

3 - different sightings of kids together,

Knife- wife, son & Byers

Source and History of knife.

Wouldn't be unusual- him playing with it & cutting
himself & putting it back

Hopefully they can explain the source

Only someone who participated due to information
re: Misskelley

One or all would have pointed towards
Byers - Should he had been involved

Window of opportunity due to statements
would have been impossible . Ref. Time.

1 person - would have been difficult to control

Booy’s – hyper – street smart/would have at least
one get away

more than 1 – person respondsibl
& more than like (1) a person – a leader

(response)- type of punishment a individual should get?

from behavor__ give (a) 2nd chance - (NO)
analysis view

(appropriate respond)

Interviews be simotaneous – (with Byers, Melissa
(& Ryan

Possibly he not know if cut himself

Byers is basking in the media

He himself another persons.

Taking advantage of media

Seeing oppourtnities

Also obtained a second opinion