Mike Allen:


OFFENSE: Byers/Branch/Moore - Homicide


COMP# CF# 93-06-0666 DATE PG OF


6/3/93 Jessie Misskelly - knowledge of Damien Echols
11:00 minded
AM stated he was sick , (Damien)

listed Friends of Damien:
Jason Baldwin (Allways together)
Girl Friend of Damien's (Dominie (lnu unknown)

Last time saw Damien: 3 weeks ago
saw Damien at Highland, at Vicky's
house 34 y.o.a. women (I told her he's sick)

Heard about (Rumor's) that Damien &
Robert Burch did it.

stated He was working with Ricky
Deese (roofing) thinks he worked
tues, Wed, thurs the week of the
murders. Jessie Misskelly stated he saw
a boy on a Bike near 7th Street &
when he saw a Police car and hid.
got off at 5:00 P.M., Josh Darby, Ricky

Notes 6/3/93

s/M. Allen


Deese Got Off at 5:00 P.M. that Wednesday
Misskelly stated he went home.

states he goes to skating rink alot
see's Damien up there nearly everytime
he goes up there. See's Damien with
Carl Smith & Jason Baldwin.

has seen Jason Baldwin get in Fight
with a guy and got his nose busted
and Damien stuck his Finger in the blood
and licked it. occurred in lakeshore.

states he has known Damien for about
a year.

states that Damien met Vicky after the
murders, Vicky asked Misskelly About

states he never has been in Robin Hood.

Notes s/M. Allen

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