Gitchell: Jessie, uh, when when you got with the boys and with Jason Baldwin when you three were in the woods and then little boys come up, about what time was it? When the boys come up to the woods?
Jessie: I would say it was about 5 or so 5 or 6.
Gitchell: Know, did you have your watch on at the time?
Jessie: Huh uh (no)
Gitchell: You didn't have your watch on?
Jessie: Huh uh (no)
Gitchell: Uh, alright you told me earlier around 7 or 8, which time is it?
Jessie: It was 7 or 8.
Gitchell: Are you
Jessie: It was starting to get dark.
Gitchell: Ok, it
Jessie: I remember it was starting to get dark.
Gitchell: Ok, well that clears it up. I didn't know, that's what I was wondering, was it getting dark or what.
Jessie: We got up there at 6:00 and the boys come up and it was starting to get dark.
Gitchell: Ok, so you and Jason and Baldwin uh, Damien you all got there right at 6.
Jessie: About 6 yeah
Gitchell: Is that a normal time that you all meet at 6?
Jessie: Yeah.
Gitchell: Ok, when you do your cult stuff does 6 mean something, I mean is that a time you normally do meet?
Jessie: Yeah.
Gitchell: Ok, so you all met out there at 6 and then the boys come up about what time?
Jessie: About 7.
Gitchell: About 7:00, Ok. So you all were out there with the boys and all this stuff going on and until you noticed it starting getting dark. Is that correct?
Jessie: Yeah.
Gitchell: Ok, now are you sure about that?
Jessie: Yes.
Gitchell: Ok, uh, Ok, hold on just a minute. (Pause) Ok Jessie uh, I asked you about your clothing and you said that uh, what what were you wearing?
Jessie: I was wearing uh, blue jeans, and a white shirt with some kind of basketball deal on it. Some tennis shoes Adidas.
Gitchell: Alright, your shirt was it a, uh, what kind of shirt was it?
Jessie: It was a white shirt with a basketball on around it.
Gitchell: Is it a shirt like you got on now?
Jessie: Uh huh (yes).
Gitchell: What kind of shirt is it like you have on now? That is what, a t-shirt?
Jessie: Uh huh (yes).
Gitchell: Ok, so you had a white t-shirt with a basketball design on it.
Gitchell: Ok, uh, what about shoes, what kind of shoes did you have on?
Jessie: White and blue Adidas.
Gitchell: White and blue?
Jessie: uh huh (yes).
Gitchell: And who has those shoes now?
Jessie: Buddy Lucas.
Gitchell: And how old is Buddy?
Jessie: He is about 18 or 19.
Gitchell: Why does he have your shoes?
Jessie: We went we was coming home one day and it was raining and he didn't have nothing else to wear so he put on one of my shoes.
Gitchell: Ok, and where does he live at?
Jessie: In Lakeshore.
Gitchell: Is there
Jessie: By, uh the church.
Gitchell: Is there a street or anything?
Jessie: It is a street but it ain't got no names on it though.
Gitchell: What street is the church on?
Jessie: On uh, as soon as you get off of Cherry Street. Uh, Cherry Street right in front of it.
Gitchell: Off of Cherry Street?
Jessie: Uh hu (yes)
Gitchell: Ok, are there any vehicles around close by that I could recognize that trailer?
Jessie: It should be a green truck and a brown van and there is a basketball goal right there where the green truck is at by the basketball goal.
Gitchell: Alright, who tied the boys up?
Jessie: Uh, Damien.
Gitchell: Did Damien just tie them all up or did anyone help Damien or
Jessie: Jason helped him.
Gitchell: Ok, and what did they use to tie them up?
Jessie: A rope.
Gitchell: Ok, what color was the rope?
Jessie: Brown.
Gitchell: Did you ever see the boys in the water?
Jessie: Uh, yeah, down by the water.
Gitchell: Alright, how did the boys get into the water?
Jessie: They pulled them there into the water.
Gitchell: Alright, when you say they who is it that pulled them into the water?
Jessie: Jason and uh, Damien.
Gitchell: Do you wear a belt?
Jessie: Nope.
Gitchell: Does Jason where a belt?
Jessie: Unt uh (no).
Gitchell: Does Damien wear a belt?
Jessie: Yeap.
Gitchell: What kind of belt does he wear?
Jessie: A black leather belt with uh, beads uh, like little beads around it.
Gitchell: With beads around it?
Jessie: Like little beads you know stubbies with
Gitchell: Ok, about how thick is the belt?
Jessie: It's about 4 inches.
Gitchell: Now, do you know what 4 inches looks like?
Jessie: About like that, the belt was about like that. (Using hands to show width)
Gitchell: Ok, I don't think that's quite 4 inches, but uh, probably about 3 something like that.
Jessie: Uh huh.
Gitchell: Which, which boys were raped?
Jessie: Uh, Byers and the Branch.
Gitchell: Ok, so you know them by name and face, well enough to call them by name?
Jessie: Uh huh.
Gitchell: Ok, did you, did you see the Moore boy, was he raped?
Jessie: No.
Gitchell: Alright, who raped those two boys?
Jessie: Jason and Damien.
Gitchell: Do you know which one raped which boy, or how did that happen?
Jessie: Damien raped the Myers by hisself and and Jason and Damien raped uh the Branch.
Gitchell: Alright, give that to me again now.
Jessie: Damien raped uh the Myers by hisself and Jason and Damien raped uh the Branch.
Gitchell: Did anyone have oral sex with the boys?
Jessie: Yes, Damien and Jason.
Gitchell: How many of them did they do that to?
Jessie: Just two, Branch and Byers.
Gitchell: How did they keep the boys quiet?
Jessie: Put their hands over their mouths.
Gitchell: Did they do anything else other than put their hands over their mouths? How did they finally keep them from being quiet, cause the boys bound to have been hollering?
Jessie: They stuck their hands over their mouths first, and then they stuck their shirts to their mouth.
Gitchell: Ok, did they do anything else to them to make them be quiet?
Jessie: They stuck their thang in their mouth.
Gitchell: Ok, did they, were they hitting them before that or afterwards?
Jessie: Before and after, just trying to keep them off of them.
Gitchell: Just all of the time?
Jessie: Just trying to keep Jason and Damien off of them.
Gitchell: Now they put their, whose shirts did they put in their mouth?
Jessie: Damiens.
Gitchell: Ok, alright hold on just a minute, -pause- Let me ask you something else, Jessie, I'm sorry, I keep coming back and forth, but I got people that want me to ask you some other questions, uh talking about oral sex, did you see, you know we had talked earlier about how Jason and uh Damien do each other, have sex with each other did they, did they have oral sex on the boys?
Jessie: Yeah, they, they, one of them stuck their thang in one of the boys mouth while the other one got the other one up the butt and stuff.
Gitchell: Ok, but did, did anyone go down on the boys and maybe suck theirs or something?
Jessie: Not that, I didn't see nothing neither one of them do that.
Gitchell: You didn't see that?
Jessie: Uh, uh
Gitchell: Ok, did, did they pinch their penis in anyway or were rough with it or anything like that?
Jessie: I didn't see nothing like that, not rough with them, I just seen um
Gitchell: You didn't see anyone go down on the boys?
Jessie: Uh, uh.
Gitchell: Are you sure?
Jessie: Yeah.
Gitchell: Ok.

Pause Gave Jessie a Coke

Gitchell: That Coke was kind of cold huh?
Jessie: Uh huh.
Gitchell: I tell ya it tasted pretty good to me though.
Gitchell: Um, Jessie when, now the boys hands were tied up right?
Jessie: Right.
Gitchell: How did, how did, they force these boys to have oral sex on them? How did they have a hold of them?
Jessie: One of them had holding them by the arms while the other one got behind them and stuff.
Gitchell: Did he ever hold him up here or
Jessie: Uh, the one that was holding him up there at the front grabbing him by his headlock.
Gitchell: Had him in a headlock? Did he have him any other way?
Jessie: He was holding him like this by his head like this and stuff (Note: was indicating the victims being held by their ears)
Gitchell: Could he have been holding him up here like that?
Jessie: I was too far away he was holding him up here by his head like this (Note: showed the same as above)
Gitchell: So, so
Jessie: And he was pulling him.
Gitchell: Ok, so who was one of them doing that or both of them was doing it? Was Jason?
Jessie: Jason was holding him while Damien did it and then they took turns.
Gitchell: So, they both did it to all three of these boys?
Jessie: Just them two as far as I know.
Gitchell: Just the two of them?
Jessie: Yeah.
Gitchell: But they, they both Jason and Damien did it to two of the boys and they took turns?
Jessie: Uh huh.
Gitchell: And they would hold, tell me again about their hands on, I mean I know you're, you're holding it up here.
Jessie: It was up here by their heads and stuff and was just pulling and stuff.
Gitchell: Alright, so they are up here, had their hands
Jessie: By their ears and pulling them and stuff.
Gitchell: Alright, Ok, say, say that again for me now.
Jessie: Hold them by their head, by ears and pulling
Gitchell: Ok.